Here in San Francisco, where real estate is at a premium, having a place to park your car is easier said than done. Multiply that by all the cars that all your employees drive, and you have a gigantic parking problem. There just aren’t that many parking spaces in the whole city, and many people have turned to other options than driving their personal vehicle to work, such as riding a corporate commuter shuttle, or taking public transportation and then using a last mile shuttle service to get the rest of the way to work.

However, while all of these are excellent solutions, they leave people with one last puzzle to solve, one that people in other cities simply don’t have to worry about. When you get to work without your personal vehicle, how do you move around during the day when you need to visit different work sites within the company?

Almost anywhere else, a company that has more than one campus wouldn’t have to handle that problem. People who needed to move between one campus and another would simply get into their cars and drive there. But in San Francisco, we’ve come up with the next best thing: Intercampus shuttles.

When you have more than one business location, it’s normal that some people will need to travel between offices. Often, it’s several times a day that people are taking the trek between one office and the other. Furthermore, these people are often managers or executives who are moving between your different sites in order to provide oversight, conduct trainings, or hold meetings with colleagues in different departments. Their time is valuable, and the time that they spend to walk or ride public transportation from one site to the other could be much better spent on more productive tasks.

Other people who might be moving frequently from location to location are HR personnel, salespeople, and even customers.

If your company is large enough to be located in more than one campus, you have probably already discovered the need for an efficient way to move people back and forth.

The answer? Intercampus shuttles.

Intercampus shuttles allow you to move people from one office to the next in the minimum amount of time, with the least hassle, taking the most direct route, with the least distractions along the way. The buses will run on a predictable schedule, so your employees will always know the best times that they can choose to board a shuttle for the other location. You can choose the frequency of the shuttles so that the timing is right for the frequency that people are probably moving from place to place.

Afraid you don’t have enough people movement to justify the intercampus shuttle? What if you scheduled your shuttles to run on only certain days of the week, and then asked all employees to schedule their movements between campuses on those days? That would be a great way for you to crowd all the appointments into one or two days of the week, which would make your workforce even more productive.

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