Whether you plan to take a class of elementary school students on a field trip to the local museum or are trying to arrange transportation for a corporate gathering or outing, it can be a challenge finding vehicles large enough to accommodate your entire group. Sure, your group could find their own means of transportation, but that can quickly become overwhelming.

Luckily, there is an available option that stands out as the most comfortable and efficient for large group outings: a charter bus rental. At Professional Charter Services, we are one of the leaders of charter bus services in San Francisco and The Bay Area. Whenever you need transportation for a large group, our large fleet of charter vehicles can accommodate your needs.

In one of our recent posts, we discussed three benefits of using a charter bus rental for group travel. It is not only environmentally friendly travel option, but it provides you with a permanent designated-driver for your trip and will ensure that your group all arrives at the same time. In today’s post, we are going to share three more benefits of transporting large groups with a charter bus rental.


Wherever you and your group are heading, there is not a better or safer way to enjoy the trip than by traveling in a charter bus rental. Our charter buses have comfortable, reclining seats with footrests, climate-controlled heating and cooling, huge, tinted picture windows for clear vision – instead of dealing with the stresses of navigating through the terrible city traffic, you and your group can enjoy the beautiful sights of San Francisco and the Bay Area. Going hand-in-hand with comfort is a heightened level of safety, that comes with charter bus travel. Charter buses are driven by professional drivers who knows exactly where they are going, ensuring that you stay safe during your journey!


When traveling in a busy city like San Francisco, one of the biggest frustrations you will face is finding a good parking spot.At popular destinations and in large cities, parking is generally scarce and expensive, not to mention it usually takes a good amount of time to find a spot! Luckily, with a charter bus rental, you and your group do not have to worry about parking at all. Our charter bus drivers drop you off as close to your destination as possible.


Transporting large groups with a charter bus rental is typically much more cost-effective than other transportation alternatives. Between gas prices, car rental fees, and individual fares for public transportation methods, the cost of a bus rental is more cost-effective. Save your group some cash with stress-free transportation by renting a charter bus!

With the benefits above, plus the other benefits discussed in our previous blog, a charter bus rental is definitely worth it when you have a large group traveling to the same destination. If you are interested in a charter bus rental in San Francisco, contact Professional Charter Services.

Nothing is quite as chaotic as traveling by plane for the holiday season. With congested traffic, long lines to get through security, constant flight delays, crowded planes, and frustrated passengers, traveling by plane is one of the last things that will get you into the holiday spirit. While traveling by a charter bus rental may not be a practical option for groups that need to travel long distances this time of year, it is a great alternative for those going to closer destinations. If you are still planning your travel arrangements for the holiday season, consider the benefits of traveling by charter bus instead of a plane or other travel options.

Little Delays and Cancellations

Did you know the San Francisco airport is one of the busiest airports during the holidays? Unlike flights, it is very rare for a charter bus rental to get delayed or canceled. Unpredictable weather can cause flights to be pushed back or even canceled, potentially ruining your holiday plans. Of course, charter bus rentals will never go out in storms or any conditions that would put the safety of the passengers at risk, but it’s no secret that there are far fewer delays and cancellations than planes.

No Baggage Fees

If you have checked a bag when traveling, you already know how outrageous airline baggage fees can be. With charter bus rentals, however, baggage fees do not exist! Anytime you can save money is beneficial. Plus, with overhead bins and storage underneath the charter bus, you can rest assured that there will be plenty of room for your luggage and belongings.

Spend Time With Family

The holidays are all about spending time with family and friends. When traveling in a car or on a plane, it can be challenging to socialize and bond with your friend or family. On a charter bus, however, it is much easier to get up and talk with others. Not only will your group or family be able to travel together, you’ll enjoy the company so much that your trip will be over before you know it.


While more and more airlines are beginning to offer Wi-Fi, how often do you actually opt for it? Not only is it costly Wi-Fi access on a plane, but the service or speed of the connection is often slow or spotty. The Wi-Fi on charter bus rentals generally offers much better service than what you’d find on an airplane, meaning that you can stream movies and shows, get your work done before the festivities, or play games during your trip.

Eco-Conscious Travel

Compared to other methods of transportation, many charter or coach buses for rent emit the least carbon dioxide per passenger mile. Planes, on the other hand, use an immense amount of jet fuel, and when you drive yourself, you’re not only using more fuel, but payment for fuel comes out of your own wallet. Traveling by coach tends to be the most cost-effective option of transportation in general, and you’ll save even more when you don’t have to constantly stop to fill up your vehicle with gas.

Rent A Charter Bus in San Francisco This Holiday Season!

This holiday season, rent a charter bus for travel instead of your usual form of transportation. You’ll experience the benefits of charter bus travel and perhaps find your new favorite method for group transportation! You can find the perfect coaches for your trip at Professional Charter Services. With a large fleet of various charter vehicles, we can help you find the perfect one to transport your family or group from point A to point B safe and sound for the holidays. To learn more, contact one of our charter reservation specialists today!

When traveling with a large group of people, whether it’s for a corporate gathering, family trip, fundraiser, or another event, a charter bus rental is a great and efficient way to get everyone from one location to another.

Of course, chartering a bus for a group has the standard benefits of hiring a charter bus service, such as reduced stress and more comfort during travel, but what about some of the other, often overlooked benefits? In today’s post, we are going to review some of the other advantages of using a charter bus rental for group travel.

Environmentally Friendly Travel Option

Think about it, how many people are there in your group that are going to the same destination? Now, think about how many cars will be traveling to said destination. More likely than not, if other forms of transportation are not reserved, your group will be traveling in multiple vehicles to get to the same destination. While buses may not seem like the most eco-friendly travel method, they are actually one of the greenest forms of ground transportation available, especially for large groups of people. A motorcoach rental full of people has the potential of taking over 50 vehicles off the road, which not only eliminate energy use and reduces emissions, but it also helps alleviate traffic congestion. Additionally, charter buses also emit the least amount of carbon dioxide per passenger mile in comparison to other transportation methods, such as taking separate vehicles.

A Permanent Designated-Driver

For many group events, whether it’s a ball game, casino trip, or another occasion, one of the main purposes of the trip is so that everyone can have a good time and enjoy themselves. However, in order for everyone to enjoy themselves, typically one or multiple people are voted to be the designated drivers to ensure everyone gets from one location to another safely. Instead of voting on which group members get the designated-driver title for the evening, with a charter bus rental you have a professional, permanent “DD” one who is more than willing to take everyone from place to another on your trip. Whether you’re going to a wedding, bachelor or bachelorette party, or just feel like having a good time, everyone will be able to have fun and enjoy themselves without having to worry about driving and getting from place to place safely.

Arrive At The Same Time

Nothing is more stressful than having to wait for group members to enjoy the night because they got stuck in traffic or took the wrong exit. All of these group-travel inconveniences can be avoided by opting for a charter bus rental. With charter buses, most — if not all — of your group members will be able to fit comfortably inside. Moreover, everyone in your group will arrive to the set destination on-time and together, eliminating any stressful situations.

These are just a few of the many advantages of renting a charter bus for group travel. If you are interested in renting a charter bus for your next event, you can rely on Professional Charter Services! We offer group charter services for college athletic events, business conventions and meetings, weddings, casino trips, and so much more. To request a free quote, contact one of our friendly charter specialists today!

When it comes to public transportation, public buses, especially in major cities, like San Francisco, tend to be crowded, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. However, unlike public transportation, these qualities do not exist when it comes to a charter bus rental. Renting a charter bus for your group is a much more convenient and efficient option than taking separate vehicles, and it’s also a much more viable option when compared to public transportation. Charter buses are equipped with amenities that can make it easy to forget you are riding on a bus.

At Professional Charter Services, our charter bus fleet is packed with amenities, such as reclining seats, adjustable head- and footrests, and on-board, spacious restrooms. Additionally, some of our buses are equipped with free WiFi, and in today’s blog, we are going to review some of the underestimated benefits of renting a charter bus with wifi.

Endless Entertainment

The internet is full of entertainment, but of course, you know that. From catching up on the news to posting on social media or streaming your favorite TV shows, being able to connect to WiFi on a charter bus is very beneficial. With all this entertainment in the palm of your hand, your bus ride will be over before you know it!

Increased Productivity

Using a charter bus rental for corporate commuter shuttle services? With wifi, your employees can connect to the internet and catch up on work or respond to emails. With internet accessibility, the transition between your commute and your next meeting will be seamless. Forget about driving to work or meetings yourself; take the time to relax in the comfort of a charter bus rental while catching up on work by using our free WiFi.


In general, one of the major benefits of a charter bus rental is convenience. But by knowing your rental has access to free WiFi during your commute allows you to be proactive and bring a laptop or tablet and prepare work or entertainment-related activities. However you look at it, taking advantage of free charter bus WiFi services during your work commute or on your way to an event is a great way to multitask and ensure you have everything ready for your trip. And, because many of our buses that are equipped with WiFi also have electrical outlets to ensure that your laptops and personal devices remain charged during your trip, you won’t even need to worry about preserving battery life or bringing a spare power source. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

Before you rent a charter bus, it is important to be aware of your group’s technological needs. More likely than not, choosing a bus rental with WiFi is a choice that will not be regretted! At Professional Charter Services, many of the bus rentals in our fleet have free WiFi, making your trip or commute more enjoyable and comfortable than ever before. If you are interested in booking a charter bus rental or would like to receive a free estimate, contact our friendly representatives today!