When traveling long distance with a group, comfort needs to be a top priority. Whether you are traveling with family, friends, or coworkers, it is important that you all arrive at your destination on time and safely. Planning travel accommodations for a group trip can be overwhelming. Thankfully, coach buses for rent from Professional Charter Services are designed to make your trip as simple and enjoyable as possible. Renting a coach bus is one of the most popular rental options for large groups and longer routes to destinations.

What Is A Coach Bus Rental?

Coach bus or motorcoach travel is the perfect solution for large group transportation. Not only is renting a coach bus economical, but they are also incredibly practical thanks to the amount of seating capacity, additional storage space, and other features and amenities. With an abundant amount of space for a large group — including baggage — you will be better equipped to ensure that everyone gets to travel together in one vehicle while bringing along all the essentials and items they need. Designed for long-distance trips, coach bus rentals provide extra storage space. Plus, with additional deluxe amenities like comfortable reclining seats and footrests, climate-control heating and cooling, and on-board WiFi and entertainment, you and your group will be all set for a comfortable and enjoyable ride to your next destination.

Benefits of Traveling By a Coach Bus Rental

There are a number of reasons why you would need to rent a charter bus for your next event or group outing. There is just an added convenience of having your transport needs taken care of for you, especially if you do not want to drive. Here are some reasons why you should consider a coach bus rental for your next event or outing:

Perfect For Large Groups

Coach bus rentals are the perfect solution for a large group that traveling to the same destination. Large group trips or outings are much less of a hassle with a charter bus as everyone remains together and will arrive at the destination at the same time.


Traveling can take a beating the body and mind. However, with a comfortable charter bus, everyone can enjoy the spacious, reclining seats and other comforting amenities included on our charter bus rentals!

Affordable Transportation Solution

Coach bus rentals are, in fact, pretty affordable, especially if you intend to travel in large groups! Instead of traveling in multiple vehicles, your group can enjoy the affordable and comfortable trip our charter bus rentals offer.

Safer For Your Group

With a combination of professional drivers, well-planned routes, and adaptability unique to our services, you and your group can safely get where you need to go, when you need to be there with a coach bus rental.

More Eco-Friendly

Of course, there are many other reasons to rent a coach bus with Professional Charter Services, all of which aid in making your next group event or outing as easy as possible.

When Should You Rent A Coach Bus?

You should consider renting a coach bus if you have a group traveling over an extended period of time, or simply would like a more comfortable vehicle for your trip where everyone can stay together and arrive at the same time. With more seating capacity and a reliable suspension system, our coach bus rentals can comfortably accommodate up to 56 passengers.

Common Groups That Rent A Coach Bus

Charter coach bus rentals are often utilized by businesses, organizations, athletic teams, schools, and more to transport their groups to a particular destination. Groups that rent coach buses include but are not limited to:

  • Businesses and Corporations. Corporate travel planners use coach bus rentals over carpooling or public transit for company events and conferences. A corporate charter bus is a great way to ensure all employees arrive safe and on time.
  • Schools and Universities. Students, teachers, and chaperones ride in coach bus rentals for school field trips. College students often use a coach bus rental for extracurricular activities like campus tours, club events, and team athletics.
  • Weddings. Coach bus rentals are used by brides and grooms for bachelor and bachelorette bus trips, as wedding shuttle, and for transporting the wedding party to the reception venue in style.
  • Athletic Teams. Large athletic teams often use travel buses to travel to out of town games or tournaments. Additionally, fans often use a coach bus rental to travel together to watch their favorite professional teams play.

Learn More About Our Coach Buses For Rent

How Many Seats Are On Your Coach Bus Rentals?

Typically, coach bus rentals have, on average, 55 seats. However, our charter coach rental options can accommodate up to 56 passengers. If you are looking for a slightly smaller vehicle, but that still has a majority of the features of a coach bus rental, consider a mini charter bus rental instead.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Coach Bus?

The cost of a coach bus rental is determined by various factors, including the duration and distance of the trip, availability, seasonality, and any additional amenities that are added. If you are looking for more accurate coach bus rental prices, contact our San Francisco charter bus company.

Do Coach Bus Rentals Have Enough Storage Space?

Of course! In fact, coach bus rentals have the most storage. With the possibility of having available storage space both below and above seats, you and your group will be able to bring along your luggage and access your carry-on during the trip.

What Amenities Do Coach Bus Rentals Have?

Long group trips require ultimate comfort, and coach bus rentals deliver on just that. Designed to create an enjoyable travel experience, coach buses feature a variety of additional amenities, such as air conditioning, reclining cushioned seats, TV and DVD access, onboard WiFi, and wheelchair accommodation (per request), so you can easily harbor the travel experience to your groups’ needs.

How Do You Rent A Coach Bus?

Making a reservation for your coach bus rental is easy when you work with a charter bus company like Professional Charter Services. To start, all you have to do is request a quote and one of our friendly charter specialists will be in contact with you to discuss your trip details, needs, and other essential information to ensure that you and your group have a coach bus ready to go on your departure date.

Want to learn more information about our coach bus rentals? Contact Professional Charter Services today!