The time consumed by commuting to work is one of the most common reasons that employees are dissatisfied with their job. And in cities like San Francisco, which ranks among the top five United States cities for worst commute time and stress, commuting can be an absolute nightmare.

Many large businesses and corporations are now offering group transportation and corporate shuttle service options to help ease the commute and stress for their employees. At Professional Charter Services, we urge employers in the Bay Area to offer corporate commuter shuttle services or employee shuttle services. There are several advantages of this, a few of them we listed below:

Increased Employee Productivity

According to TIME, work commutes of over 10 miles can have a dramatic effect on employees. The average commute in San Francisco is 59.20 minutes according to a study by a recruiting firm. This long of a commute is certain to cause some frustration and could potentially even impact the productivity of employees.

Employee shuttle services are a solution to employee stress caused by commuting to work. No matter where your employees commute from, giving them the opportunity to ride into work on a comfortable shuttle bus will give them time to prepare for the day ahead, rather than getting to work after a stressful commute and taking the time to decompose in the office. Once your employees arrive, they are already focused and ready to take on the day.

Larger Organization Reputation

High revenues are not the only reason why successful companies are, well, successful. Many of these companies also have a positive workplace environment and happy employees. By offering employee shuttle buses, you will strengthen your company’s reputation as a great place to work. It’s good for a business to be labeled as a desirable employer, one that cares about their employees and supports a reasonable work-life balance.

Recruitment Leverage

The job market is highly competitive – employers are continuously looking for ways to attract the best talent into their company, and offering employee shuttle services will definitely sweeten the deal. Most employees would prefer not to drive to work during rush hour traffic, and public transportation is always uncomfortable and crowded. Once prospective employees learn about your company’s perks, your business will have the upper-hand of securing the top job seekers out there.

Additionally, a perk as such will reduce the employee turnover rate due to the benefits the service offers to employees as well as the money they will save on transportation costs.

Improved Environmental Footprint

Employee shuttle services also offer an eco-friendly solution to commuting. Rather than having employees drive their own vehicles to and from work every day, shuttle services can dramatically improve a company’s carbon footprint. According to a report, the U.S. could save approximately 33 million gallons of gas each day if the average vehicle carried just one more person on their morning commute, so considering how many employees can fit on a single shuttle bus – think of the gas that is being saved!

If you want to give your employees and your company the benefits of employee shuttle services in San Francisco, contact Professional Charter Services! We already have helped businesses throughout the area with our corporate shuttle services! Some of the options our Bay Area clients use include offering a shuttle that picks up employees from public transit hubs or pickup points and takes them the rest of the way to work. You can get a roving shuttle during the morning and evening to take employees between the office and less crowded off-site parking locations.

If you are interested in learning more about how our employee shuttle services can benefit your business, contact us today!