Nothing is quite as chaotic as traveling by plane for the holiday season. With congested traffic, long lines to get through security, constant flight delays, crowded planes, and frustrated passengers, traveling by plane is one of the last things that will get you into the holiday spirit. While traveling by a charter bus rental may not be a practical option for groups that need to travel long distances this time of year, it is a great alternative for those going to closer destinations. If you are still planning your travel arrangements for the holiday season, consider the benefits of traveling by charter bus instead of a plane or other travel options.

Little Delays and Cancellations

Did you know the San Francisco airport is one of the busiest airports during the holidays? Unlike flights, it is very rare for a charter bus rental to get delayed or canceled. Unpredictable weather can cause flights to be pushed back or even canceled, potentially ruining your holiday plans. Of course, charter bus rentals will never go out in storms or any conditions that would put the safety of the passengers at risk, but it’s no secret that there are far fewer delays and cancellations than planes.

No Baggage Fees

If you have checked a bag when traveling, you already know how outrageous airline baggage fees can be. With charter bus rentals, however, baggage fees do not exist! Anytime you can save money is beneficial. Plus, with overhead bins and storage underneath the charter bus, you can rest assured that there will be plenty of room for your luggage and belongings.

Spend Time With Family

The holidays are all about spending time with family and friends. When traveling in a car or on a plane, it can be challenging to socialize and bond with your friend or family. On a charter bus, however, it is much easier to get up and talk with others. Not only will your group or family be able to travel together, you’ll enjoy the company so much that your trip will be over before you know it.


While more and more airlines are beginning to offer Wi-Fi, how often do you actually opt for it? Not only is it costly Wi-Fi access on a plane, but the service or speed of the connection is often slow or spotty. The Wi-Fi on charter bus rentals generally offers much better service than what you’d find on an airplane, meaning that you can stream movies and shows, get your work done before the festivities, or play games during your trip.

Eco-Conscious Travel

Compared to other methods of transportation, many charter or coach buses for rent emit the least carbon dioxide per passenger mile. Planes, on the other hand, use an immense amount of jet fuel, and when you drive yourself, you’re not only using more fuel, but payment for fuel comes out of your own wallet. Traveling by coach tends to be the most cost-effective option of transportation in general, and you’ll save even more when you don’t have to constantly stop to fill up your vehicle with gas.

Rent A Charter Bus in San Francisco This Holiday Season!

This holiday season, rent a charter bus for travel instead of your usual form of transportation. You’ll experience the benefits of charter bus travel and perhaps find your new favorite method for group transportation! You can find the perfect coaches for your trip at Professional Charter Services. With a large fleet of various charter vehicles, we can help you find the perfect one to transport your family or group from point A to point B safe and sound for the holidays. To learn more, contact one of our charter reservation specialists today!