• How do your employees get from the last public transportation stop to work?
  • Is your workplace or office far from the nearest train or bus stop?
  • Do your workers have to fend for themselves to get to work once they get to their stop?

Introducing Last Mile Shuttle Service by Professional Charter Services

When your employees don’t have a comfortable way to get from their last bus, train, or ferry stop to your office, they have to either walk or bike that distance, leaving them to arrive at your office hot, dusty, and tired. That’s not the ideal way you want your employees to begin their day.

Get happier employees, watch productivity soar, boost morale, and retain people longer when you delight them with a convenient, wifi-equipped shuttle that will pick them up at their last stop.

Professional Charter Services will meet your workers at the right place at the right time and drive them straight to your office. Your employees will travel safely, comfortably, and in style when they board one of our comfortable shuttle buses, and they’ll arrive rested and refreshed rather than harried and stressed.

Destinations We Serve

Professional Charter Services is pleased to serve your company or workplace in the following locations:

  • San Francisco
  • Oakland
  • San Jose
  • The San Francisco Peninsula
  • The San Francisco Bay Area

Connections We Provide

We will be happy to meet your employees at any of the following connection points and transport them the rest of the way to your office:

  • Cal Train
  • Bus
  • BART
  • Ferry

For reliable, on-time, courteous service that keeps your employees more productive, schedule your last mile transportation service with Professional Charter Services today.

To get started, you’ll want to speak with one of our friendly transportation experts to put together a plan that works for you, your employees, and your budget. Give us a call today and ask for a quote for Last Mile Shuttle Service. We look forward to serving you.

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