• Does your workplace campus have multiple buildings or locations?
  • Is your parking lot at a distance from your office, requiring people to walk a long way from their car to get to work?
  • Do people frequently need to move from one building to another, but driving their own car is not always a good option?

Introducing Intercampus Shuttles by Professional Charter Services

If you have a large workplace campus or office complex, remote parking lots, or multiple locations in the San Francisco area, it’s important to allow employees to move freely from point A to point B.

Without an intercampus shuttle, people are forced to walk or bike between destinations, or drive their car if the distance is too great. Your employees are not only subject to getting hot, tired, and frustrated, by this system, it also consumes time that could be spent productively.

Why not link all your buildings and parking lots with a simple, campus-wide transit system? Suddenly, everyone has a quick and easy way to get to any of your buildings or parking lots. No longer do they arrive hot, dusty, and annoyed; no longer do they lose valuable minutes in the day walking long distances or searching hopelessly for a parking place.

The Intercampus Shuttles by Professional Charter Services give you just that. We provide the vehicle and the driver, and we work with you to establish the route and the timing of shuttles so that employees can always predict when and where they can hop on a shuttle to get to the place where they need to go.

Get Started With Your Intercampus Shuttle Today

If you’ve never had an intercampus shuttle, you’re in for a treat! Your employees will love it, and productivity will go up when you reclaim all the lost time that people have spent just to get around.

Get started by talking with one of our transportation experts. We will listen to your needs and work with you to implement the solution that you’re looking for. Call us today!

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