With the current housing affordability crisis in San Francisco and The Bay Area, more and more employees are being forced to commute to work. It is estimated that more than 100,000 residents in the San Francisco-Bay Area spend at least 90 minutes commuting to work each day.

With the increasing — not to mention dreadful — commute times, companies in the area should consider implementing solutions to create a more commuter-friendly workplace. At Professional Charter Services, we are dedicated to providing businesses and corporations in the area with effective and efficient employee transportation solutions to reduce or eliminate employee commutes. Below, we’ll share a few ways you can improve employee mobility and create a more commuter-friendly workplace.

Link Your Office to Public Transit With Last Mile Shuttles

At Professional Charter Services, we offer simple and convenient last mile transportation solutions to improve the accessibility of your campus or workplace. Our last mile shuttle programs offer a safe and reliable method of transportation between your campus or workplace and public transit stations for your employees. These services make it easier for employees to quickly get to work, keep them safe from adverse weather conditions, and reward and encourage punctuality.

Last Mile Shuttles are a simple solution for any company whose employees have to travel that “last mile” between the nearest public transportation stop and your office or workplace.

Connect Buildings and Parking With Intercampus Shuttles

Intercampus shuttle services are ideal for companies with a workplace campus that has multiple buildings or locations, or an employee parking lot is a distance from the office, requiring people to walk a long way from their car to get to work. Intercampus shuttles are a great way to link all your buildings and parking lots using a campus-wide transit system. Not only are intercampus more efficient and convenient for employees, but they contribute to eco-friendly practices as well.

Keep Employee’s Moving With Corporate Commuter Services

The stresses of traffic and trying to find a parking space can take a lot out of your employees. Instead of having your employees sit through traffic, struggle to find a parking place, and then have to walk a long way to the office each day for work, why not let them do their commute in comfort? With corporate commuter services, you can do just that!

As one of the leading providers of commuter services to corporate clients in the Bay Area, we offer contract shuttles that make the daily commute safe and convenient for your employees. At specific points, our charter buses will pick up your employees and drop them off at your campus location and vice versa at the end of the workday, eliminating the need of taking public transportation or drive to and from work. Employees will enjoy faster commute times and a more relaxing experience on the road – a perk that will keep personnel happy and help attract top talent!

These are just a few of the ways companies and corporations can improve employee mobility and create a more commuter-friendly workplace. If you are interested in employee transportation services, contact the experts at Professional Charter Services today!

If you’re lucky enough to be one of the companies here in Silicon Valley that’s large enough to have your operations in more than one building, you know that the bigger you grow, the more logistical challenges you face. One of these challenges is that of moving people around from one part of your campus to another. The more buildings you have, and the further they are spread out from each other, the more of a challenge you will have to accomplish this. Some of your people will need to visit another office some of the time. If it’s a hassle for them to get from point A to point B, you’ll suffer from lost productivity and possibly even lower morale.

In most parts of the country, the choice is pretty simple. You walk to the other office, or you drive a car if it’s too far. But here in San Francisco, where parking is hard to find and many of your employees don’t even have their car at the office, there’s a need for intercampus shuttles to move people from place to place.

While you may see the benefit and convenience of implementing an intercampus shuttle, it may also just look like dollar bills flying out the window. So let’s look at the business case for implementing intercampus shuttles, starting with an example of a local business that has implemented this type of shuttle.

Genentech’s Intercampus Shuttles

Genentech has a highly coordinated system of transportation for employees, from last mile shuttles to intercampus shuttles. Their gRide Transit map shows all the transit routes that exist for people to get to work from around the city and across the bay. The intercampus shuttle makes sense for them because their campus has multiple buildings. They have implemented three different shuttle stops for their intercampus transport solution. There is about a two-minute drive between the first and the second stop, and there is about a six-minute drive between the second and third stop. What takes six minutes to drive would be a long and sweaty walk, especially in heels or other uncomfortable shoes.

Do Intercampus Shuttles Make Sense For Your Business?

For there to be a business case for any product or service, at the most basic level, your business goes better with it than without it. Things run more smoothly. You save more money. You keep more profit. People are happier. Productivity soars. Your reputation skyrockets. When you know that those things are true about the service you want to implement, you don’t mind paying a small amount of money for it. So here are some of the points that make a case for why your company should implement intercampus shuttles.

1. You’re probably already paying the cost somewhere

You can implement intercampus shuttles on a contract basis, and when you first start, it may just feel like a line item in the budget. However, here’s what many companies don’t consider: If people already have to make trips to a separate building or a different campus, then you’re already paying the cost of those trips, whether you’ve implemented intercampus shuttles or not.

  • You’re paying that cost in lost employee productivity as they make their way from one place to the next
  • You’re also paying in lost collaboration because it’s too much of a hurdle to simply swing by the other office.
  • You may also be paying for it if you subsidize employee travel expenses as an employee perk.
  • You may be paying the cost of an expensive parking lot space that could be reclaimed for better uses.
  • If people are moving haphazardly from their worksite to another one of your company’s locations, you’re paying more than if you streamlined and simplified their travel.

The main question is, do you want to leave it to chance how much you are paying? Or would you rather organize it and systematize it and get every element of intercampus travel under control so that you can keep it under budget? You might be surprised to discover how much you were actually paying before you implemented intercampus shuttles.

2. Intercampus shuttles are flexible

Are you feeling like intercampus shuttles would lock you in to a certain timetable or create unnecessary waiting periods? You actually have more flexible options than you’d think. Here are the two main models that you can combine for the shuttle solution that works for you.

Fixed Shuttle Routes

A fixed intercampus shuttle is one that visits scheduled stops and runs on a predefined timetable. You can set up your fixed shuttle route to include the number of stops and the number of trips that fit with the number of trips between sites that your employees are likely to make. You don’t want to be burning unnecessary fuel by making too many trips on one hand, or keeping people from moving freely from place to place on the other hand.

On-demand shuttles

An on-demand shuttle option is one that comes to get passengers just when they need a ride. These shuttles are typically smaller vehicles (not large buses) because they will typically transport only one or two individuals at a time.

3. Intercampus shuttles let you facilitate collaboration

With all the online tools that are available to us today, sometimes there’s no substitute for live, human-to-human contact and face-to-face communication. Your business ticks because people collaborate with each other, and the more that you can remove any barriers to collaboration, the better. Whether it’s a couple of executives from different sites who need to work together on goal setting, a facilities manager who needs to do a walkthrough of all your buildings on a regular basis, or a new hire who needs to attend a training class in a different building, people will need to move around at least some of the time.

Contact Professional Charter Services for your Intercampus Shuttle quote

When you implement intercampus shuttles at your place of business, you’ll reap all the benefits that come with this solution. To get started, simply contact us and ask for a quote. We’ll help you to arrive at a custom solution that gives you the corporate transportation system you need. Contact us today!

Here at Professional Charter Services, we believe in offering great benefits to our customers while you’re offering great benefits to yours. Intercampus shuttles are a great employee benefit, and we make it easy for you to get your intercampus shuttle route up and running in the way that works for you. In our last blog post, we discussed the need for intercampus shuttles and some of the reasons why companies like yours might choose to implement that solution. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits that you can obtain from having intercampus shuttles for your different business locations.

1. Intercampus shuttles get people from point A to point B

If you’re a company that has different job sites or work locations within the San Francisco area, some of your people will need to get around to the different locations some of the time. Rather than letting them walk, ride a bike, or take public transportation, why not send them on a comfortable shuttle that gets them straight to their destination with the least amount of hassle? For the companies who have implemented intercampus shuttles, they never want to go back to the way things were before.

2. Intercampus shuttles are efficient

In an economy as competitive as the one in San Francisco, you can’t afford for people to lose time in transit. When someone needs to take a trip from one of your locations to another, you need their trip to be efficient, direct, and timely. Waiting 30 minutes at a bus stop for a bus that makes 3 stops on the way and then drops your employee off 5 blocks from the door of the other location is not our idea of efficiency. There’s no comparison between that scenario and riding on a shuttle that takes the shortest and fastest route to your other business location. Don’t let your employees get bogged down in transit that robs their productivity. An intercampus shuttle can make all the difference in the world.

3. Intercampus shuttles are convenient

In other cities, people would achieve the convenience factor by simply hopping behind the wheel of their own personal vehicles and driving to the place they want to go. In San Francisco, that’s the opposite of convenient. Ever spend 45 minutes just looking for a parking place, only to finally find one and pay what would be a month’s wages in some countries to occupy that spot? Yeah. But that certainly doesn’t mean that convenience is no longer an option. In fact, intercampus shuttles are a powerful way to offer convenient transportation between sites.

4. Intercampus shuttles are affordable

If you think that you couldn’t possibly afford an intercampus shuttle, think again. We’ve priced our intercampus shuttle service attractively so that you can easily implement it without breaking the bank.

Don’t have sufficient numbers of people traveling between sites to feel like you can justify it just yet? One option you could consider is to schedule your shuttles to run only on the days and times when you need them, and encourage all your employees to schedule their site visits only on the days that the shuttle is running. That way, your intercampus shuttle will fit your budget and grow with your company.

Another option that you can keep in mind is that you can choose a shuttle vehicle that most closely matches the estimated number of seats you’ll fill. No need to send a humongous bus to pick up seven or eight people.

Just tell us what your needs are and we can guide you to an intercampus shuttle package that most closely matches what you are looking for.

5. Intercampus shuttles are better for the environment

When you think about the way that most companies outside of the SF Bay area handle their site visits (i.e. by car, in individual, personal vehicles), you can easily begin to picture the toll that this takes on the environment. Instead of everyone going together in one vehicle at coordinated times, all of those vehicles are running across town at random times, often with only one occupant per car (the driver). In that respect, the pressure in San Francisco not to drive is actually a benefit.

6. Intercampus shuttles are an employee delighter

People appreciate it when you save them from frustration. When someone’s job description requires them to travel from one location to another, it can be frustrating to have to navigate the hassle of transportation to get to their destination. Not every employee will have a role like this, but for the ones who do, they will deeply appreciate it when you put some thought into making this part of their job easier. Employee loyalty can’t be bought, but paying for an employee delighter like intercampus shuttles can go a long way towards making your employees feel like they work for the best company ever.

7. Intercampus shuttles can vary from the set route to avoid traffic

San Francisco traffic is famous, and sometimes, the gridlock picks the most inconvenient spots to show up. If your employees are taking public buses, they can’t vary from the prescribed route. Traffic or no traffic, they’ll go where they’re programmed to go. But your intercampus shuttle has the freedom to go where it makes the most sense. Come on. Why can’t your bus driver do that? We all have access to Google Maps and navigation systems that help you predict the traffic. Why not go the fastest route, even when that isn’t the “scripted” or “normal” route? We think it makes sense to get you there faster.

Get a quote for intercampus shuttles today

With all the above-mentioned benefits, we hope it will be a no-brainer for you to implement an intercampus shuttle route between your locations. Stop letting your employees struggle on foot or wait for a city bus when they could simply board your intercampus shuttle and proceed naturally to the destination.

Please talk to us about your needs and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote. Contact us today to get started.

Here in San Francisco, where real estate is at a premium, having a place to park your car is easier said than done. Multiply that by all the cars that all your employees drive, and you have a gigantic parking problem. There just aren’t that many parking spaces in the whole city, and many people have turned to other options than driving their personal vehicle to work, such as riding a corporate commuter shuttle, or taking public transportation and then using a last mile shuttle service to get the rest of the way to work.

However, while all of these are excellent solutions, they leave people with one last puzzle to solve, one that people in other cities simply don’t have to worry about. When you get to work without your personal vehicle, how do you move around during the day when you need to visit different work sites within the company?

Almost anywhere else, a company that has more than one campus wouldn’t have to handle that problem. People who needed to move between one campus and another would simply get into their cars and drive there. But in San Francisco, we’ve come up with the next best thing: Intercampus shuttles.

When you have more than one business location, it’s normal that some people will need to travel between offices. Often, it’s several times a day that people are taking the trek between one office and the other. Furthermore, these people are often managers or executives who are moving between your different sites in order to provide oversight, conduct trainings, or hold meetings with colleagues in different departments. Their time is valuable, and the time that they spend to walk or ride public transportation from one site to the other could be much better spent on more productive tasks.

Other people who might be moving frequently from location to location are HR personnel, salespeople, and even customers.

If your company is large enough to be located in more than one campus, you have probably already discovered the need for an efficient way to move people back and forth.

The answer? Intercampus shuttles.

Intercampus shuttles allow you to move people from one office to the next in the minimum amount of time, with the least hassle, taking the most direct route, with the least distractions along the way. The buses will run on a predictable schedule, so your employees will always know the best times that they can choose to board a shuttle for the other location. You can choose the frequency of the shuttles so that the timing is right for the frequency that people are probably moving from place to place.

Afraid you don’t have enough people movement to justify the intercampus shuttle? What if you scheduled your shuttles to run on only certain days of the week, and then asked all employees to schedule their movements between campuses on those days? That would be a great way for you to crowd all the appointments into one or two days of the week, which would make your workforce even more productive.

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Professional Charter Services offers intercampus shuttle service in San Francisco. Contact us today to learn more and get a quote for how we can meet your needs.