With the current housing affordability crisis in San Francisco and The Bay Area, more and more employees are being forced to commute to work. It is estimated that more than 100,000 residents in the San Francisco-Bay Area spend at least 90 minutes commuting to work each day.

With the increasing — not to mention dreadful — commute times, companies in the area should consider implementing solutions to create a more commuter-friendly workplace. At Professional Charter Services, we are dedicated to providing businesses and corporations in the area with effective and efficient employee transportation solutions to reduce or eliminate employee commutes. Below, we’ll share a few ways you can improve employee mobility and create a more commuter-friendly workplace.

Link Your Office to Public Transit With Last Mile Shuttles

At Professional Charter Services, we offer simple and convenient last mile transportation solutions to improve the accessibility of your campus or workplace. Our last mile shuttle programs offer a safe and reliable method of transportation between your campus or workplace and public transit stations for your employees. These services make it easier for employees to quickly get to work, keep them safe from adverse weather conditions, and reward and encourage punctuality.

Last Mile Shuttles are a simple solution for any company whose employees have to travel that “last mile” between the nearest public transportation stop and your office or workplace.

Connect Buildings and Parking With Intercampus Shuttles

Intercampus shuttle services are ideal for companies with a workplace campus that has multiple buildings or locations, or an employee parking lot is a distance from the office, requiring people to walk a long way from their car to get to work. Intercampus shuttles are a great way to link all your buildings and parking lots using a campus-wide transit system. Not only are intercampus more efficient and convenient for employees, but they contribute to eco-friendly practices as well.

Keep Employee’s Moving With Corporate Commuter Services

The stresses of traffic and trying to find a parking space can take a lot out of your employees. Instead of having your employees sit through traffic, struggle to find a parking place, and then have to walk a long way to the office each day for work, why not let them do their commute in comfort? With corporate commuter services, you can do just that!

As one of the leading providers of commuter services to corporate clients in the Bay Area, we offer contract shuttles that make the daily commute safe and convenient for your employees. At specific points, our charter buses will pick up your employees and drop them off at your campus location and vice versa at the end of the workday, eliminating the need of taking public transportation or drive to and from work. Employees will enjoy faster commute times and a more relaxing experience on the road – a perk that will keep personnel happy and help attract top talent!

These are just a few of the ways companies and corporations can improve employee mobility and create a more commuter-friendly workplace. If you are interested in employee transportation services, contact the experts at Professional Charter Services today!

As a busy business executive, you likely don’t have the time to focus on transportation options to get you where you need to be. Arranging for ground transportation between flights, meetings, and other engagements can quickly turn into a nightmare. Not to mention, you want to make sure that the executive transportation company is always professional and punctual.

At Professional Charter Services, we specialize in providing corporate transportation services in San Francisco, including corporate commuter shuttles, last mile shuttles, and executive transportation. With years of experience transporting employees and business executives from one destination to another, we thought we’d share a few things businesses should look out for when choosing an executive transportation service.

Reliability and Professionalism

High-level company executives know and understand the importance of reliability and professionalism in the workplace. That same importance should be applied when searching for a corporate transportation company. When it comes to reliability, you need a charter company that will pick you up on time and at the right location, and take you where you need to go.

That’s why Professional Charter Services offers chauffeured luxury transportation so that executives and other higher-ups can get to their destinations on time. We too believe in the significance of professionalism, as the charter vehicle and driver you choose are extensions of the executives that ride in them. You can trust our corporate charter bus and vehicle transportation to be consistent with your values and approach, ensuring you make the best first impression.

Excellence and Efficiency

Whether your company requires the transportation of one executive or an entire sales team and their clients, Professional Charter Services provides professional corporate and business transportation. Each of our professional drivers has years of experience and have a proven track record of being on time and respectful of passengers. The excellence and efficiency that our drivers possess at Professional Charter Services will make your executive transportation a breeze.

Comfort and Safety

Executive and other employees may need transportation to and from outings, meetings, conventions, retreats, and of course, the airport. Our extensive fleet of charter buses offers a solution to all of your transportation needs. Choose from luxury coach bus rentals, mini bus shuttles, SUV and town car rentals, and more! Whichever mode of transportation you choose, you can rest assured that comfort won’t be an issue. From cushioned leather seating, climate controlled cabins, and other comforting amenities, any trip is pleasant with our charter bus company. In terms of safety, no other event transportation service in San Francisco compares to us. We consistently maintain the highest safety standards for our drivers and our vehicles that our passengers never have to worry that their safety is compromised while in our vehicles.

Executive Transportation And More Corporate Transportation Services At Professional Charter Services

We are more than just your average charter bus company. Not only do we cater to executives, but also offer transportation solutions for employees. Our charter bus service can also provide necessary transportation for your special events. Whether you’re in need of a corporate commuter shuttle or an airport shuttle, Professional Charter Service offers the most dependable and affordable corporate transportation solutions in San Francisco and The Bay Area. To request executive transportation or one of our other charter services, contact us!

The time consumed by commuting to work is one of the most common reasons that employees are dissatisfied with their job. And in cities like San Francisco, which ranks among the top five United States cities for worst commute time and stress, commuting can be an absolute nightmare.

Many large businesses and corporations are now offering group transportation and corporate shuttle service options to help ease the commute and stress for their employees. At Professional Charter Services, we urge employers in the Bay Area to offer corporate commuter shuttle services or employee shuttle services. There are several advantages of this, a few of them we listed below:

Increased Employee Productivity

According to TIME, work commutes of over 10 miles can have a dramatic effect on employees. The average commute in San Francisco is 59.20 minutes according to a study by a recruiting firm. This long of a commute is certain to cause some frustration and could potentially even impact the productivity of employees.

Employee shuttle services are a solution to employee stress caused by commuting to work. No matter where your employees commute from, giving them the opportunity to ride into work on a comfortable shuttle bus will give them time to prepare for the day ahead, rather than getting to work after a stressful commute and taking the time to decompose in the office. Once your employees arrive, they are already focused and ready to take on the day.

Larger Organization Reputation

High revenues are not the only reason why successful companies are, well, successful. Many of these companies also have a positive workplace environment and happy employees. By offering employee shuttle buses, you will strengthen your company’s reputation as a great place to work. It’s good for a business to be labeled as a desirable employer, one that cares about their employees and supports a reasonable work-life balance.

Recruitment Leverage

The job market is highly competitive – employers are continuously looking for ways to attract the best talent into their company, and offering employee shuttle services will definitely sweeten the deal. Most employees would prefer not to drive to work during rush hour traffic, and public transportation is always uncomfortable and crowded. Once prospective employees learn about your company’s perks, your business will have the upper-hand of securing the top job seekers out there.

Additionally, a perk as such will reduce the employee turnover rate due to the benefits the service offers to employees as well as the money they will save on transportation costs.

Improved Environmental Footprint

Employee shuttle services also offer an eco-friendly solution to commuting. Rather than having employees drive their own vehicles to and from work every day, shuttle services can dramatically improve a company’s carbon footprint. According to a report, the U.S. could save approximately 33 million gallons of gas each day if the average vehicle carried just one more person on their morning commute, so considering how many employees can fit on a single shuttle bus – think of the gas that is being saved!

If you want to give your employees and your company the benefits of employee shuttle services in San Francisco, contact Professional Charter Services! We already have helped businesses throughout the area with our corporate shuttle services! Some of the options our Bay Area clients use include offering a shuttle that picks up employees from public transit hubs or pickup points and takes them the rest of the way to work. You can get a roving shuttle during the morning and evening to take employees between the office and less crowded off-site parking locations.

If you are interested in learning more about how our employee shuttle services can benefit your business, contact us today!

Corporate commuter shuttles are taking off in San Francisco area, and with good reason. We have a vibrant, bustling city where everyone wants to live, paired with our unique geography that’s hemmed in by water, prohibiting the kind of urban sprawl that happens in many other cities in the US. The dense urban area leaves many companies with no choice but to be located outside the city, sometimes at a distance that’s longer than the comfortable commute.

The most competitive companies want to offer their employees the opportunity to live in the city and still get back and forth to work with the least possible hassle. This has led many of these companies to implement a corporate commuter shuttle service, which picks up their employees at their homes and then transports them to work. Here are five of the companies who have implemented these shuttles.


Apple’s campus in Cupertino is located approximately 45 miles from the city center of San Francisco, and they send regularly-scheduled shuttle buses up to the city at intervals to pick up their employees. This makes certain homes on or near the Apple shuttle route more attractive to Apple employees. After all, who wouldn’t love to not have to drive to work?


The Googleplex in Mountain View also sends regularly-timed corporate commuter shuttle buses to various San Francisco neighborhoods to pick up employees and transport them to work, a distance of approximately 35 miles. Depending on the traffic and the time of day, that can be a brutal commute for drivers, but when only the bus driver has to worry about the traffic, the rest of the employees can relax in the wifi-equipped, air-conditioned bus and begin their day calmly and productively.


Ebay has several locations around the San Francisco Bay area, so the distance from downtown San Francisco varies, from eBay Advertising in Brisbane, only 8.6 miles from downtown, to their corporate campus in San Jose that’s more than 50 miles from downtown SF. A corporate commuter shuttle route makes a lot of sense, as each shuttle eliminates approximately 50 vehicles from being driven by individual employees making their way to work.


Genentech’s headquarters are much closer to downtown San Francisco, at only about 10 miles from downtown, but the benefit of having a corporate commuter shuttle route is still strong. This biotechnology company has a large campus with multiple buildings, so they also incorporate intercampus shuttles to help move people seamlessly and effortlessly from one point to another within their campus.


Yahoo is another company with multiple buildings on their corporate campus, all clustered near each other in Sunnyvale, CA. Located approximately 40 miles from downtown San Francisco, Yahoo finds it to be profitable to attract top talent by offering employees the chance to “have their cake and eat it, too” by making it easy to live in the city, even though they working at a distance that would be uncomfortable to commute on a daily basis.

Why your company should consider corporate commuter shuttles

You don’t have to be as big as one of these companies for it to be worthwhile for you to implement a corporate commuter shuttle program for your employees. If you have thought that a corporate commuter shuttle would be too difficult to implement, think again. You don’t have to own or operate the shuttle yourself, and you don’t have to have multiple locations. All you need for a corporate commuter shuttle to make good business sense is to have one building or campus and have a number of employees who live at a distance from you but who are concentrated in or near the same geographical region as each other.

You don’t even have to have 40+ employees who could use the shuttle. Even if you had only 12-20 employees that you needed to shuttle back and forth, it could still work, as you would simply use a smaller vehicle. In fact, these smaller shuttles offer even greater customizability, as you can consider picking people up at their homes instead of at a central location. Read more about our corporate commuter shuttle program and also check out our corporate commuter shuttle blog posts to see whether it might make sense for you to incorporate this option.

  • Your employees will love it.
  • You’ll be cutting down on emissions and minimizing your company’s carbon footprint.
  • You’ll reduce vehicle congestion by replacing all your employees’ cars with one single shuttle.
  • You’ll have employees who walk into work feeling calm and productive rather than frazzled and stressed from bad drivers, traffic, accidents, road construction, and road rage.

Get a quote for corporate commuter shuttle services today

To find out how much it would cost for you to implement a corporate commuter shuttle for your company, please contact Professional Charter Services today. We look forward to working with you to implement a strong, viable, and affordable shuttle service for your employees. Contact us today!

In the last two blog posts from our corporate commuter shuttle company in San Francisco, we have looked at some of the ways that in America, we are coming to the point where dependence on personal automobiles to get anywhere is becoming a costly and unsustainable model. (Please note that we are not talking about eliminating dependence on cars. Many people will always need some form of transportation by car. However, reducing the amount that you need to use your car can help you to reduce cost, your carbon footprint, and your inconvenience.)

We also pointed out that San Francisco is an ideal place, in many ways, to start a transportation revolution that will act as an important model for the rest of the country to follow. In part 1, we looked at the history of our dependence on cars and the problem with this continuing. In part 2, we looked at some of the barriers to implementing a viable model of public transportation that works for everyone. Today, we’ll share a few ideas for how we can bring viable transportation options to the table in a way that works for Americans.

Ideas Of Alternatives That Reduce Our Dependence On Cars

When you think of public transportation options, a number of things probably come to your mind. For the moment, we’ll put aside the obvious ones (city buses, trains, and ferries). These are already in operation, and at least in San Francisco, they are already working well. Still, many people are completely dependent on their cars, and these ideas could help.

Corporate Commuter Shuttles

Park and ride models can only go so far when they involve people driving themselves and one or two guests to work. It’s far more scalable and efficient to have people from outlying areas drive to one central location where they can take a shuttle the rest of the way to work. These corporate commuter shuttles are quickly becoming a favored method of transportation for workers who have found homes in the cheaper surrounding areas around San Francisco. It doesn’t eliminate dependence on cars, but it does reduce it, requiring you to only drive partway, park where there’s still space to do so, and then go the rest of the way in comfort with someone else driving.

Grocery Delivery

In the first blog in this series, we looked at the practical fact that people simply can’t all live within walking distance of the grocery store and also have homes on half-acre lots. Short of relocating Americans into more compact dwelling arrangements, it would seem that grocery store runs will just have to be done by car. However, what can be a viable alternative is for people to get grocery delivery. In this way, the grocery store can combine the delivery for several people in one area all at one time, increasing efficiency and reducing the need for people to drive their own vehicles. This model can also be a vital service for seniors and people with illnesses that prevent them from driving.

More cars + Less Space = Inconvenience

One of our observations is that there is a critical tipping point where the convenience of being able to drive yourself to the places you need to go on your own timeline comes up against the inconvenience of having to fight with traffic and then succeed in parking your car. When the balance tips so that it is more inconvenient to drive than not to drive, Americans will begin to favor other public transportation options. This is already beginning in San Francisco, and it is only a matter of time before it is the case nationwide.

The more we look down the road and see this moment coming, the more we will be prepared when it gets here. Count on Professional Charter Services to provide cutting edge transportation solutions with our fleet of vehicles, including corporate commuter shuttles. Contact us for a quote today.

In the last blog post from our Corporate Commuter Shuttle company in San Francisco, we looked at the history of why Americans are far more dependent on their personal automobiles than most people in other countries. We also briefly touched on the problem and cost of making individual cars our primary transportation method across the country. However, even though it’s costly for each person to drive everywhere they go, it’s also difficult to implement a viable solution because of certain barriers that stand in the way. Today, we’ll look at those things and discover why it’s not that simple to simply realize that our dependence on driving is beginning to be a problem.

Barriers in the way of reducing our dependence on cars

1. The Vast Expanse of Space

In Europe, it’s common to be able to walk to the grocery store and run other common errands. In America, it’s unheard of (or it’s a fluke if you happen to live close enough to walk). America has had the luxury of land availability, making us a spread-out, sprawling culture where everyone has plenty of space. This is reflected in the design of our cities, our living quarters, and even the width of our parking places, which tend to be approximately 1.5 feet wider in the US than in Europe. People have long been used to having a house and yard in the suburbs rather than living in an apartment in an urban area. However, there simply isn’t room for everyone to have a half-acre lot and also find themselves within walking distance of the grocery store. Reducing our dependence on cars requires us to think through viable solutions that allow people to get to the places where they need to go.

2. Fierce Independence

It’s part of our independent nature that we want to do our own thing, precisely when we want to do it, without interference from other people or circumstances. We don’t walk down the street in proximity to other people with whom we can wave and exchange a friendly greeting. Instead, we drive down the street, surrounded by the metal-and-glass bubble on four wheels that protects us from ever having to interact with strangers. When your car is a sanctuary, it’s hard to reduce the amount you use it. Greener solutions for our cities will have to take this factor into account.

In addition, our fierce independence leads many people to feel indignant at the very idea that they would ever drive less. We enjoy a sense of ownership and of freedom when we drive, and giving that away seems to feel like an imposition. The natural reaction that many people have when the discussion comes up is a personal one. “How dare you even suggest that I drive less? No one had better even think of taking that away from me.”

3. Unfamiliarity With Other Options

In Europe, it’s as natural as can be to ride a bus, purchase a train ticket, or ride the subway. In America, however, our unfamiliarity with other styles of public transportation leads us to be uncomfortable with the idea. People tend to avoid what they do not understand, and if public transportation is one of the things that people don’t feel comfortable with, it’ll be hard to bring them to use it.

This is one of the areas where we feel that San Francisco is pioneering the way for other American cities to follow. While many larger cities have some sort of public transportation system available (i.e. city buses), in San Francisco, it is far more mainstream. While in many cities, you’ll typically find the lower-income portion of the population on public transportation, in San Francisco, you can find people of all walks of life riding our buses and trains.

4. Stigma

Following from the fact that public transportation primarily services the lower-income population in many cities in the US, some wealthier people consider there to be a stigma attached to riding on a city bus or train system. This is an unfortunate extra hurdle that public transportation must solve in order to truly develop into a broadly-accepted thing in our society. When you think about it, there’s nothing intrinsically wrong, shameful, or unsavory about riding on a bus, train, or subway. The only thing that makes it feel like it is prejudice. We need a public transportation system that people don’t look down their noses at, feel unsafe using, or avoid because of prejudice or stigma.

Count on Professional Charter Services for your Corporate Commuter Shuttle Service

Stay tuned for our next blog post, when we’ll cover some of the ideas that our Corporate Commuter Shuttle company has for solutions that will take the public transportation system to the next level. Everywhere in America, people need options that will allow them to reduce their dependence on cars, and we are committed to doing our part to bringing that to pass. Contact us for a quote today.

Here in the United States, we are coming to a point where it is crucial that we find ways to offer better public transportation that lets people reduce their dependence on cars. This is evident in many parts of the US, but perhaps nowhere is it more evident than in San Francisco, where traffic jams and scarcity of parking are at unprecedented highs. However, there might also be no better place than San Francisco to implement some of the techniques that can be a model for other cities in the US to follow. In this three-part series from our corporate commuter shuttle company, we’d like to take a look at how we got here, some of the obstacles we face, and a few ideas that we can implement to alleviate some of the crowding on the roads.

History of our dependence on cars

Public transportation in the US used to be a thriving and robust thing. Read accounts from the late 1800s or early 1900s, and you’ll realize how interconnected the transportation infrastructure was. While the best public transportation was in the cities, there was a strong availability of public transportation for people in even the most rural areas to get where they needed to go. From railway to steamboat to carriages to bicycles, transportation options touched communities from coast to coast.

With the advent of the automobile, American interest in public transportation waned, leading to the demise of many types of transportation by train, bus, and subway. Who would want to subject themselves to scheduled trips on a train or bus when you could simply leave when you wanted to, stop when you wanted to, and arrive on your own time frame? Bit by bit, public transportation companies fell out of favor, went out of business, and got replaced. Car ownership was ubiquitous and few mourned the loss of the rail, bus, and trolley lines they used to have.

We still have a token system that nods to the past (Amtrack, Greyhound, etc.), but overall, these options are limited, inconvenient, or only available to people in the major cities. This has been the case for at least 50 years, and it is becoming unsustainable.

The problem with driving individual cars everywhere

Every time a person chooses to drive alone, they are making one of the costliest choices available for how to get from point A to point B. It’s costly in money when you count up the cost of fuel plus car ownership, insurance, and wear and tear. It’s costly in space when you add up the space that car takes up on the roads plus the space it takes up to park. It’s costly on the environment when you consider all the accumulated carbon footprints of all these vehicles being driven. America used to be spacious and clean enough, and Americans used to be affluent enough, that these costs were easily affordable. Now, it’s becoming less logical to continue to do what worked in the past.

Our corporate commuter shuttle company wants to take our part in pioneering the type of transportation services that open the way for sustainable, convenient transportation for everyone. Reducing our dependence on cars will require us to be creative, but it will also result in a more affordable, more sustainable future for all of us. Stay tuned for our next blog, when we will cover some of the barriers in the way of reducing our dependence on cars, as well as some ideas of how we can overcome those barriers.

In the meantime, please contact our shuttle service for a quote. We serve all of San Francisco with corporate commuter shuttles, intercampus shuttles, last-mile shuttle services, and more. Find out how our corporate commuter shuttle service can benefit you, save you money, and help you to play a part in reducing our city’s dependence on cars.

The competitive, thriving job market in San Francisco can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s a great privilege to be located in a geographic area that boast a well-educated workforce, giving employers a pool or highly-qualified workers to choose from. However, it’s a challenge to be just one among many competitive employers, all of whom are fighting for the top picks among the available job seekers. Here are a few employee delighters that can set you apart as an employer and give you a better chance at hiring better people, earning better reviews, and keeping morale up.

1. Offer corporate commuter shuttles

With the traffic being what it is in San Francisco, this is one of the perks that the most competitive employers offer. A corporate commuter shuttle allows employees who live further away to have a comfortable and safe ride to work. They’ll arrive at the office rested and refreshed, and they even have the chance to be productive on the way, thanks to wifi-equipped shuttles. Plus, your employees will be more likely to arrive at work on time, as they will have the incentive to make it onto the shuttle, which they know will make an on-time departure.

2. Subsidize their public transportation fees

For employees who are taking the Cal Train, city bus system, BART, or a ferry, why not offer a subsidy of their public transportation fees? Employees know that this can save them hundreds of dollars per year, and all other things being equal, they’ll have the incentive to choose an employer who offers this perk over one who doesn’t. Want to sweeten the deal even more? Offer last-mile shuttle services by sending a shuttle bus to pick up your employees from the last train station, bus stop, or ferry drop-off. With a last-mile shuttle service, you work with a local charter bus company, like Professional Charter Service, to meet your employees and transport them to work. This saves them from the 15-minute walk that they’d otherwise have to do to make it to the workplace.

3. Pay for furthering their education

Even if you’re not a tech company, the best and brightest employees are also the ones who have an insatiable thirst for learning. If you as an employer offer opportunities for your employees to further their education and build their knowledge base, you’ll attract these bright minds. Not only that, but you’ll never have to suffer from employees who are stagnant, unwilling to change, and not interested in learning new things. Whether you offer them a subscription to Lynda.com or options to cover a certain amount of college tuition, your employees will love this perk.

4. Earn respect by your management style

This is not exactly an employee perk, but it’s definitely an employee delighter. With all the talk about corporate culture and how that can make a difference in your ability to attract the brightest talent, there’s something that goes even deeper. When employees work for a company that they know they can trust to make good decisions, they’re happy, loyal, and productive. When management makes a decision, do your employees know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s a competent, well-informed decision that’s also in their best interest? If your employees know this, it’s very hard to shake their confidence in the way that you’re steering the ship.

Being a competitive employer in San Francisco requires a lot of heart, moxie, and competence, but it’s possible to attract the talent you need when you put thought and effort into the employee delighters that you offer.

Count on Professional Charter Service for the transportation solutions your company needs. Contact us today for a quote.

Corporate commuter shuttles in San Francisco are a great way to alleviate the number of cars on the road while freeing up employees to ride to work in peace and safety. They allow people who are living outside the city to drive to one central pickup location where it’s easy to park and then get the rest of the way to work on a comfortable, climate-controlled, wifi-equipped shuttle. This leaves employees rested and refreshed when they walk into work, rather than frustrated, stressed, and annoyed from their commute. In our last blog post, we talked about four tips that will boost your productivity while you ride the shuttle, ending with the tip that you should set realistic productivity goals. Read on for four more tips that will help you to make the most of your commute on our shuttle service.

5. Implement rewards for hitting your productivity goals.

Your commute shouldn’t feel like a punishment or a drag. The point of having a corporate commuter shuttle is to take pressure off your shoulders and allow you to arrive at work rested and refreshed—and then decompress on the way home so that you get home rested and refreshed as well. If you are driving yourself too hard during your commute, you could be burning yourself out and missing out on the benefits that such a commute is supposed to bring. In your pursuit of productivity during your commute, there are two main human motivations that you’ll tap into: desire for gain, and fear of loss. Overall, desire for gain works much better as a sustainable method of motivating yourself, so institute rewards for yourself if you accomplish the goals that you set for yourself. These rewards should be big enough to motivate you without being too costly, such as a special coffee, a splurge on a small item you’ve been wanting, or an extra date night with your significant other.

6. Don’t underestimate the power of structure.

Having a structured morning and evening commute can go a long way towards making sure that you can be the most productive. If your typical routine includes morning coffee, and then you miss the morning coffee one day, it’ll be harder for you to be productive, not so much because of the lack of coffee (although the caffeine deprivation can play into it, too), but because you broke away from your normal routine. Whether or not you’re a coffee drinker, having a morning routine (and protecting it) can be a huge part of sustainable productivity on your commute. Our brains crave predictability, routine, and structure, but at the same time, it can be the hardest thing in the world to impose that structure upon yourself until it becomes a reliable habit. Don’t give up on your pursuit of a structured routine as part of your productivity strategy.

7. Look into what turns on your brain’s executive function.

Are you constantly plagued with the tendency to be distracted and unfocused, despite your best efforts and firmest resolve to be productive? It could be that your brain’s executive function is out of whack. The executive function is the part of your brain that decides, “I’m going to do this task now,” and if your executive function never kicks in, you’ll be meandering through the meadow of unproductivity, vaguely wondering what you’re supposed to be doing and why you aren’t doing it.

Engaging the brain’s executive function seems to come more easily to some people than to others, but fortunately, there are easy ways to help to turn it on. Caffeine is one. If you’re constantly struggling to complete mundane, boring tasks, try drinking a cup of coffee right before you start, and experiment with whether that helps you to get your brain in gear. Not interested in setting yourself up for a caffeine addiction? Exercise is another alternative. Engage in the type of exercise that leaves you breathless and sweating just before attempting that certain kind of task that always eludes your focus, and see if that makes a difference in your ability to tackle it. In many cases, it will.

8. Don’t overlook the diet connection.

The after-lunch food coma is a real thing, and certain foods can cause you to be more “comatose” than others. Empty carbs, wheat products, and sugary foods are some of the bigger culprits. If you’re eating a donut or a pop tart on your way out the door, try switching to a protein-based breakfast that’s still easy to grab and run, such as a couple of hard-boiled eggs. Does that make you more productive on your commute? Give it a week and then experiment by changing back to eating a donut. Do you suddenly find yourself in a fog again? Listen to your body and eliminate the foods that are unfriendly to a productive use of your time. There’s a good chance that the same foods that are causing inflammation, fatigue, and aching joints are also disrupting your brain’s ability to focus. You’ll feel better overall when you eat what will fuel your body with energy without the costly crash afterward.

We hope you found these tips helpful. Have any more tips you’d like to share for how to maximize your productivity on your commute? Write to us and let us know what they are! In the meantime, count on Professional Charter Services for corporate commuter shuttle service in San Francisco. We look forward to serving you!

If you’re one of the lucky people whose company provides a corporate commuter shuttle for your ride to work, you know that it’s an awesome way to boost your productivity and reduce your stress of driving through our notorious San Francisco traffic. However, you’ve probably also already discovered that it’s not always a given that you’ll be productive on your corporate commuter shuttle ride. Here are are some tips from our charter bus company on how you can maximize that time of the day to make sure that you arrive at work ready to hit the ground running.

1. Wear noise-canceling headphones.

A pair of headphones can help you to escape into your own world and shut out the activity around you. Not only do they give you the chance to listen to your music at an unprecedented level of quality, they also tell the people around you, “I don’t want to be bothered or spoken to.” This can help you to get into the zone and focus while you’re riding to work, and you might just find that the ride seems shorter than you would have thought possible, simply because you weren’t being interrupted. Plus, if you’re going to need to field important calls, simply plug the headphone jack into your smartphone and you’ll be able to talk on the phone without removing your headphones.

2. Plan for success.

There are probably a few types of tasks you can easily complete on your shuttle ride to and from work and a few types of tasks that you can really only do well at the office. Plan your commute time with just as much focus and intentionality as you would plan your workday, putting into your commute time the tasks that make the most sense to put there. You’ll be amazed at how well you can charge through tasks if you have a solid plan in place.

3. Give yourself work that’s already in progress.

If you’re like many people, the biggest difficulty in being productive is often just getting started. You’ll be amazed how many times this simple hack can jumpstart your productivity and lend wings to your feet: In the evening before you leave work, while you’re on a roll, start a task or a project and then stop just after you’ve gotten started. Then save that piece of work for your morning commute the next day. You’ll have a fresh, clean, barely-started document in place, and you’ll be able to jump in with both feet and charge forward. This surge of momentum can sometimes carry you through the whole day, as you feel delighted and amazed at how quickly you got going in the morning.

4. Set achievable productivity goals.

You won’t be able to hit your productivity goals if you don’t know what they are. A vague sense of “I think I was productive today” is far less effective than the very concrete sense of accomplishment and winning that you’ll experience if you set a goal and achieve it. “I won today because I hit the metrics that I was shooting for.” Setting achievable goals for yourself on your commute to and from work is a delicate art that requires you to be realistic yet ambitious at the same time. If you’re constantly setting goals that are too high, you’ll give up on ever hitting them and begin to wonder why you should bother setting goals at all. If you’re constantly setting goals that are too low, you’ll risk falling short of the level of accomplishment that you could have had. Set goals that are firmly rooted in what’s sustainable, while keeping in mind the reason why you want to drive for those goals.

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