Here at Professional Charter Services in San Francisco, we are lovers of all things buses. And perhaps no bus in the history of the world is more universally known, loved and recognized than the school bus. Most all of us rode those bright yellow buses in our lifetime. It’s a fair assumption that a few memories were created on those wheels as well — both good and bad.

So we’ve outgrown the need for school buses today, at least in our own lives. There’s a much better chance for us requiring something of an adult school bus, or as we prefer to call them, charter services. After all, we still need to get from our homes to work while at the same time avoiding all the stress of traffic and parking — so pretty much exactly like our parents did with us when we had to take the school bus every morning and afternoon!

Many of us are now those parents, eagerly watching our little ones hop on the yellow school bus, so they’re not all gone from our lives quite yet. In the spirit of celebrating one of the most iconic modes of transportation in the United States, we bring to you the fun little history of school buses in America. We hope you enjoy our latest post!

Early School Buses

Believe it or not, the roots of school buses date back way further than the invention of the combustion engine and automobiles. While not exactly the kind of school bus we think of now, we want to begin with the roots of what would become modern-day school buses. Our journey back in time starts in the late 1800s when Americans were beginning to understand the greater need for forms of public transportation as the Industrial Revolution took us away from the rural farms and into the cities.

The earliest school buses in the 1880s relied on horse-drawn carriages, as was the common technology of the time. These buses were commonly known as “kid hacks” or “school hacks” and were first commissioned in Ohio. As you might imagine, they weren’t super comfortable, or fast, and weren’t all that popular. The horses were eventually replaced my motorized versions and wagon frames replaced with truck frames, setting the stage for a modern school bus — and we might say a much more appealing name than “kid hacks.” Yikes!

Motorized School Buses

School buses as we know them today really took off in the 1930s. This is the period of time when they became their own creation and less of a modified carriage, which was their entire existence up until that point. School buses adopted an all-steel design and enhanced safety features such as safety glass, doors at the front and rear of the buses and the addition of an emergency exit. They were specifically built with truck chassis for increased strength and reliability.

But even then, not all buses were created equal. Some areas took school bus safety and construction seriously while others did the least amount of work to produce them while still making money. It wasn’t until the late 1930s when people decided it was important to uniformly adopt standards for the vehicles that were carrying our beloved little humans. Boy, we sure wish everybody took safety and reliability as seriously as we do!

Safety First

Finally, in 1939 people in positions of influence decided there needed to be some consistency to school buses to ensure they were both safe and reliable for our children. Dr. Frank Cyr called a conference at the Teachers College, Columbia University to establish design standards for school buses.

The conference was made up of transportation officials, body and chassis manufacturers and paint companies. Together, they established and acknowledged a set of 44 standards to chance and revolutionize the production of school buses from that day forward. Highlighting those changes and commitments were:

  • Increased bus safety
  • Allow manufacturers for large-scale production of school buses
  • Forward-facing seating
  • Interior and exterior dimensions
  • Reduce the complexity around school bus production

Those initial standards were revised and updated over the years to keep up with new issues and technology, but Dr. Cyr’s legacy lived on and are still used today. Of all those changes, one became synonymous with the school bus — yellow.

Yellow is the New Black

Dr. Frank Cyr is affectionately known as the “Father of the Yellow School Bus” by suggesting that all school buses should be yellow as a major safety feature. The thinking behind this was the color yellow is the easiest to see at both dawn and dusk, two times school buses often hit the roads full of our precious children. This was adopted worldwide, leading Dr. Cyr to earn his moniker.

In the 1960s, they began crash-testing school buses and in the 1970s, additions like amber lights and stop signs signals were added to school buses for additional safety measures. The most recent changes to school bus standards were created in 1977 and remain in effect to this day. In the 1980s and 90s, they made it so bus drivers needed a commercial driver’s license as well as some other modifications to the driver compartment and windshield. Make no mistake, a school bus is no charter bus rental when it comes to comfort, but would the kids truly appreciate it anyway?!

End of One-Room Schools

As school buses became more practical and widespread across the country, kids could now get to school much more effectively and in great numbers and distances. Schools were not for every kid back in the day, especially in rural areas, however, school buses allowed children to ride in from their farms or ranches. As more and more kids began a formal education, schools themselves grew and required more teachers, taking us away from the very traditional setup of having a one-room school taught by a lone teacher.

So when you think about it, school buses not only made the trip to school so much easier for everybody, it also helped foster a more quality education for American children. How cool is that The power of bus transportation!

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And there’s your fun history of the school bus. We hope you enjoyed it and learned a few things! For all your adult-life bus needs, be sure to reach out to us today! Professional Charter Services is your San Francisco Top Rated Local® charter service and our dedication is to provide comfortable, reliable and cost-effective charter bus rental for any need you have. Our featured services include corporate commuter shuttle services, intercampus shuttle services, last mile shuttle service and coach bus rentals. Contact us today to learn more!

Bus transportation has long been a fantastic method of getting people around, but the story of buses goes back way further than the invention of automobiles. In fact, people have turned to buses as a reliable mode of transportation for the better part of 200 years!

Professional Charter Services is proud to provide the best charter bus services and bus rental in all of Northern California, and we are extremely grateful to the technological advancements that led to us being here today. From corporate commuter shuttles to intercampus shuttles and bus rentals, we support the transportation needs for any need.

As you might have noticed from our previous blog post, we also happen to enjoy a little history. So let’s take a peek back in time and learn just how we all ended up with the amazing bus transportation we have today!


As the Industrial Revolution roared on, people began to migrate from rural areas and their traditional careers and farmers or ranchers, and moved into urban cities searching for work and opportunity. As populations grew in cities, there needed to be a bus transportation solution.

At A Glance:

  • Created in the early 1800s
  • Horse-drawn carriages designed to hold 8-10 people
  • Terribly uncomfortable when riding on old cobblestone streets

This was well before automobiles and personal cars, so omnibuses were invented. Essentially, they were large carriages pulled by horses. Some had multiple stories and the biggest held 42 people pulled by three large horses! Unfortunately, they were extremely cramped and uncomfortable as they bumped along largely cobblestone roadways in the 1820s.


The next decade saw the advancement of bus transportation technology, taking the carriages and placing them on railways for the first rail-based transit system. The tracks made the trips far more smooth and comfortable and reduced the weight for the horses thanks to reduced friction.

At A Glance:

  • Similar to omnibus, but pulled on rails, the first of its kind
  • Much more comfortable rides on smooth rails
  • Horses got tired, or sick, and couldn’t keep up with the workload

Customers could ride these old-school buses for as little as 5 cents, making them more or less available to the middle-class workers residing in the cities so they could commute to work and back home easily. However, there were still traffic jams, the horses left behind manure and spread equine flu.

Cable Car

By the late 1800s, innovation was really starting to take off and bus transportation moved away from the need for horse labor. Instead, people used cables in the tracks to pull the carriages along, making them quicker and more reliable than tired or sickly horses.

At A Glance:

  • First appeared in the 1870s
  • Eliminated the need for horses with cables drawing the carriage
  • Were relatively fast, but very unsafe as cable often snapped

In fact, the first cable car system was in San Francisco! It was tested in 1873 and was intended to fix the challenge of navigating the city’s hills. But innovation was often favored over safety and cable cars were frequently dangerous modes of transportation as the cables snapped, which was less than ideal halfway up a hill.


A safer alternative to cable cars (which soon went out of fashion due to their hazards), streetcars instead relied on an electric cable system above the carriage itself to pull them along the railways.

At A Glance:

  • Carriages were pulled by lines above the roads as opposed to beneath
  • Gave citizens easy, safer bus transportation to and from work
  • Eventually placed underground for a subway system still in use today

They were able to use the existing infrastructure, keeping implementation costs relatively low and quickly streetcars were the best way to travel cities. Fewer people than ever stopped walking, and because travel was so easy, people began leaving city centers in favor of nicer suburbs and commuting into town for work.

Rapid Transit

Streetcars, as great as they were up to that point, still rode around on busy streets and had to deal with traffic and congestion, making commute times slow and unpredictable. So naturally, people looked at putting them above the roadways — and below them.

At A Glance:

  • Elevated or underground rail systems
  • Were faster and could avoid traffic conditions
  • Expensive to build and implement and couldn’t make route adjustments

Chicago built the L-Train above its roads in 1892 (and it continues to run to this day), while Boston became the first city to utilize a subway in 1897. Subways didn’t have to stop for poor weather and conditions, unlike its above-road sister. But it was expensive to build them and they had set routes, with no room for minor adjustments as needs changed.

Modern Bus Transportation

Once automobiles were invented and implemented more regularly in the early 20th century, people began using roads more frequently again and bus transportation as we know it today began to form.

At A Glance:

  • Made for better street travel as use of roads increased following automobiles
  • Additional comfort with individual seats
  • Could travel anywhere with no need for rails or cables

Not everybody could own a car, or in big cities, wanted to deal with parking and other traffic-related issues, so public bus systems were adopted in practically every town in the world. In huge cities like San Francisco, even if you have a car, getting to work can be a pain. Parking is extremely pricey and annoying, so using a shuttle service became great options for getting to work effectively.

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Thankfully, we’ve all come such a long way in both comfort and safety over the last 200 years of bus transportation. The thought of bumping around the whole trip sounds truly horrifying. But we would never let that happen to you!

Professional Charter Services is your Top Rated Local® charter service and our dedication is to provide comfortable, reliable and cost-effective charter bus transportation for any need you have. Contact us today!

Close your eyes for a moment and try to picture this: You have to navigate just a single day in your life without modern transportation. No car, no bus charter, no train. How long would it take? Hours? An entire day? Maybe longer?

OK, open your eyes. It’s simply too terrifying to even imagine. Whether you live in a rural area or a big city like we have in Northern California, trying to get around without so much as bus transportation would be a nightmare. Thankfully, it’s not a concern nowadays, but for thousands of years throughout human history, transportation was a chore. One which inspired some of our greatest technological advancements.

To honor those pioneers — and perhaps to make us all appreciate modern technology a bit more — Professional Charter Services brings to you a brief history of transportation. Be thankful you don’t have to use many of these methods anymore and schedule your bus rental today!

Ancient Transportation

Back in the earliest days of human existence, the world was vast and infinite. Yet at the same time, our known universe had never been smaller because transportation was in its infancy. People were limited to the small area they could get to and this is the time in history we begin!

Walk This Way

Before any other mode of transportation was discovered, or created, we were stuck to doing it all ourselves. Groups of humans in the ancient world were nomadic by nature in order to survive, walking everywhere in pursuit of food, shelter and a better life. Which of us would even willingly walk across the Golden Gate Bridge?? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Float Your Boat

As we continued to expand ever outward across the landscape, people ran into water obstacles where walking and riding would do no good. So we put those developing brains to use and found a way. Yay for human ingenuity! Canoes and rafts are the oldest known water transports, dating back nearly 9,000 years ago. Egyptians invented sailboats, and later on, wooden ships for trade!

Horsin’ Around

Well, it didn’t take our ancient ancestors long to figure out it was better to have animals do the walking for them. As humans began domesticating the creatures in their environment (somewhere around 4000 to 3000 BC), distance became less of an issue and we spread out. Donkeys and horses were popular and camels were sort of like the bus charter for desert climates!

Progressive Transportation

As mankind became more technologically advanced and curious about the world around them, transportation naturally had to keep up. Every need demanded an answer and so we began to work our way up to bus transportation (OK, OK, very slowly admittedly), starting with one of our most important inventions in history!

Wheel Innovative

Archaeologists discovered the first evidence of the wheel tracing back to roughly 3500 BC and began finding them all across the old world! Obviously, not everybody had #TheWheel trending on Twitter back then, so it’s pretty cool that all these groups of people created their own version of the same transportation independently! The wheel not only made transportation easier, but quicker and allowed us to take more stuff!

Road Warriors

With the wheel unlocking tremendous transportation potential, more people than ever were now migrating around the known world and beyond. Because of this, it became apparent for infrastructure to facilitate ease and safety in travel. The Romans perfected this by using their vast wealth and technology to build roads, which spanned from Europe to Asia!

Shuttle Transportation

Romans were true innovative giants and pushed transportation forward with advanced ships that could carry lots of people (usually for war) and cargo for trade to further increase their wealth and power. Guess that’s how they dominated Earth for more than a thousand years!

Blowin’ Hot Air

The fall of the Roman Empire brought the world into an era of darkness for technology (the Middle Ages), which lasted for hundreds of years until at last technology, and transportation, blossomed again during the Renaissance. While not a functional mode of transportation, hot air balloons were invented in the 1700s and gave us our first taste of air travel!

Powered Transportation

Finally! Bus transportation as we know it is just around the corner. But first, people pushed forward into the Industrial Revolution, where machine technology really took off. Steam engine technology developed around the start of the 1800s, our first step towards automobiles!

Full Steam Ahead

The Wyatt steam engine changed the game in 1769, powering boats at great speeds in Europe. But great as they were, people were not quick to adopt steamboats for transportation. It wasn’t until the early 1800s that a New York City inventor made steam travel feasible by water, clocking in at a whopping five miles per hour!

Establishing (Loco)motive

With the expansion of America to the west, efficient means of travel across and now huge U.S. was critical. A great push was needed and trains were the way to make it happen. Rival inventors competed to make the best steam engine and so locomotives took off and unlocked the West!

On The Road Again

Yes, we’ve done it! Well, sort of. The first combustion engine was invented in 1858, but they were extremely heavy and impractical. The first real car was the 1901 Mercedes, but in America, Henry Ford and William Durant (General Motors founder) were making them accessible. The Model T by Ford could be produced quickly (relative to the time) and so cars were more affordable by the early 1900s. It would take years still for cars to become commonplace, but bus transportation gave all people the chance to ride in an automobile by the mid-20th century!

Modern Transportation

The invention of the combustion engine changed transportation forever as we continued to push them to the limit and find new ways in which they could be used. Land travel was fun and all (and we still contend bus transportation is the best!), but the sky was so tempting, so we took off!

The Plane, The Plane!

Orville and Wilbur Wright ditched bikes for aircraft in the early 1900s and beat the competition racing for the fame of first air travel by taking off officially in 1903, the world’s first airplane. Within just 15 years, air travel expanded to military uses, cargo transportation and eventually to passenger aircraft. It was expensive, and certainly dangerous at times, but looking at the world from on high was a rush worth the risk!

Fly Me To The Moon

We end with a nod to the future. Space was an obsession during the height of the Cold War as the U.S. and Soviet Union scramble to own the world beyond our own, beginning with Russian Sputnik in 1957 and the first person to touch something other than Earth with Neil Armstrong taking one giant leap for mankind via his small step onto the surface of the Moon in 1969. Perhaps one day, we’ll all be so lucky to experience space (safely!) as well.

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So maaaybe riding a horse to work every once in awhile could be a little fun, albeit in Northern California, slightly more terrifying than travelling already is here. Let’s be thankful we all have so many options at our disposal.

If you need corporate commuter shuttle services, employee transportation or simply need to rent a bus, then give Professional Charter Services a call today! We believe in comfort, reliability and cost-effective bus transportation for any situation, so that’s exactly what we provide you!

One of the best ways companies show employees that they care about them and appreciate their hard work is by throwing an annual Christmas party. Corporate Christmas parties offer the chance to reward and engage with employees and motivate them for the year ahead, in the process boosting morale.

For many business owners, planning a holiday party for all of your employees can be a challenge. You want them to enjoy themselves, so you need to determine the costs of food, drinks, entertainment, and transportation so that they can travel to and from the party safely. In regards to transportation, renting a charter bus for a corporate holiday party is one of the best ways to ensure your employees are comfortable and enjoying themselves, as well as arriving at the event on time. If you are interested in using corporate shuttle services for your business’s holiday party, consider the following tips.

Set A Budget

Your holiday party needs to have a budget, or spending can get out of hand, and fast. It’s vital to know what your budget is for corporate holiday parties, so you don’t have to spend more than you need to. In addition to food, drink, and entertainment, one of the biggest expenses is finding reliable transportation. Once you have set a budget, begin figuring out how to pay other costs such as venue reservations and other activities.

Get A Head Count

Once you have figured out the date, location, and time of your holiday party, it is important to send employees an invitation a month or two prior so they can plan accordingly. Employee’s planning to attend should RSVP. This will give you an idea of how many people will be attending, which will allow you to better determine how much food and drinks will be needed as well as what type — and how many — charter vehicles you need.

Create an Itinerary

Create a detailed itinerary so you know how many drivers will be needed to pick up and transport your employees to the party. Make sure everyone has a copy of the itinerary to ensure that they know where they need to be and when!

Book Everything Early

Don’t wait to reach out to venues, caterers, and entertainment. These services tend to book fast, especially during the holiday season. Once you have set your budget and know the details of the party, begin reaching out to the necessary vendors to ensure everything is set and ready for the date of the party.

Book Your Corporate Bus Charter

Don’t forget to book corporate shuttle services to get your staff to and from the event. A charter bus rental is like renting a private bus for the night and is a great choice for companies of any size Get some important information about your corporate event such as your budget, the type of business or organization involved, travel itinerary, and the size of the group that will need transportation to reserve a charter bus rental for your party.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to planning your corporate holiday party. If you’re the one who’s planning every detail, then considering renting a charter bus to transport your employees there safely. To learn more about our corporate charter buses, contact us!

When it comes to public transportation, public buses, especially in major cities, like San Francisco, tend to be crowded, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. However, unlike public transportation, these qualities do not exist when it comes to a charter bus rental. Renting a charter bus for your group is a much more convenient and efficient option than taking separate vehicles, and it’s also a much more viable option when compared to public transportation. Charter buses are equipped with amenities that can make it easy to forget you are riding on a bus.

At Professional Charter Services, our charter bus fleet is packed with amenities, such as reclining seats, adjustable head- and footrests, and on-board, spacious restrooms. Additionally, some of our buses are equipped with free WiFi, and in today’s blog, we are going to review some of the underestimated benefits of renting a charter bus with wifi.

Endless Entertainment

The internet is full of entertainment, but of course, you know that. From catching up on the news to posting on social media or streaming your favorite TV shows, being able to connect to WiFi on a charter bus is very beneficial. With all this entertainment in the palm of your hand, your bus ride will be over before you know it!

Increased Productivity

Using a charter bus rental for corporate commuter shuttle services? With wifi, your employees can connect to the internet and catch up on work or respond to emails. With internet accessibility, the transition between your commute and your next meeting will be seamless. Forget about driving to work or meetings yourself; take the time to relax in the comfort of a charter bus rental while catching up on work by using our free WiFi.


In general, one of the major benefits of a charter bus rental is convenience. But by knowing your rental has access to free WiFi during your commute allows you to be proactive and bring a laptop or tablet and prepare work or entertainment-related activities. However you look at it, taking advantage of free charter bus WiFi services during your work commute or on your way to an event is a great way to multitask and ensure you have everything ready for your trip. And, because many of our buses that are equipped with WiFi also have electrical outlets to ensure that your laptops and personal devices remain charged during your trip, you won’t even need to worry about preserving battery life or bringing a spare power source. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

Before you rent a charter bus, it is important to be aware of your group’s technological needs. More likely than not, choosing a bus rental with WiFi is a choice that will not be regretted! At Professional Charter Services, many of the bus rentals in our fleet have free WiFi, making your trip or commute more enjoyable and comfortable than ever before. If you are interested in booking a charter bus rental or would like to receive a free estimate, contact our friendly representatives today!

Schools and students in the San Francisco and Bay Area have it lucky — there’s an abundance of attractions nearby that make great field trip destinations. Whether class curriculum is focused on the creatures of the see, encouraging their scientific explorations, or even developing their artistic and creative skills, San Francisco has a variety of destinations that make for the perfect class field trip.

From making reservations to getting permission slips signed a prepared, San Francisco teachers have enough on their plate when planning educational field trips for their students.

As one of San Francisco’s best charter services, we understand that planning is paramount to any trip. That is why Professional Charter Services is available to provide schools with spacious charter bus rentals that get teachers, students, and chaperones from one destination to the next. To assist in field trip planning, we are going to share four field trips in San Francisco that teachers can take their students on.

Aquarium of the Bay

Aquarium of the Bay perhaps the best place to discover the beauty and diversity of Northern California’s aquatic life. The aquarium is home to over 20,000 marine animals, including octopuses, jellyfish, sharks, and stingrays! The aquarium has an immersive field trip and outreach programs that allow students to discover the amazing world of San Francisco Bay through hands-on activities and experiences.

California Academy of Sciences

If you are looking for a field trip that has a little bit of everything, the California Academy of Sciences may be the ideal place! Home to an aquarium, planetarium, and natural history museum, the California Academy of Sciences is a groundbreaking research and educational institution. Students can listen to chirping birds and croaking frogs in the four-story rainforest, experience the cosmos in the planetarium, or sign up for a reserved program.

San Francisco Zoo and Gardens

Nestled against the Pacific Ocean, the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens is an urban oasis home to more than 1,000 exotic, endangered and rescued animals. Students will be sure to enjoy the 100-acre zoo and the opportunities get up close to some of the most beautiful and fascinating creatures on the planet. Swoop into the aviary building, get an up-close look at giraffes, and give students a field trip experience that will be hard to forget.


Students can explore the world through art, science, and human perception at the Exploratorium. Students can play, try new things, and partake in numerous hands-on activities and experiences. Students can see what it is like to step inside a tornado, flip upside down in a curved mirror, or export more than 650 exhibits.

Fortunately, our schools are lucky to have a variety of educational attractions in the area. At Professional Charter Services, we are prepared to take your class on their next exciting field trip. We make it easy for your school to rent a charter bus and we can guarantee that our rates and fleet selection are of the utmost quality. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your next field trip a day to remember.

Choosing the right charter vehicle for your group event, whether its a corporate meeting, sporting event, or casino bus trip, is an important factor to the success of your trip. You not only want to choose a vehicle large enough to accommodate your group size, but you also want to search for options that offer safety, comfort, and versatility. At Professional Charter Services, our San Francisco charter bus fleet includes a variety of different sized vehicles to get you and your group from Point A to Point B safely, in style, and — most importantly — in comfort.

A Look At Some of Our Charter Vehicle and Bus Rentals

If you are planning a group trip or event that requires ground transportation, we understand how challenging it can be to choose the right vehicle. Our friendly representatives are always willing to assist you with your charter bus booking, but to give you an idea of what charter vehicle is right for you and your bus trip, we put together a brief overview of the available options in our fleet.

Charter Minibus

Our 28-passenger mini buses offer comfort, dependability, and convenience that will exceed your expectations. Whether you call it a mini bus, mini coach, shuttle bus, or just a small bus rental, they are perfect for smaller group outings such as sporting events and weddings. This event bus has top-notch features making it a comfortable and enjoyable ride for any event. There is cushioned seating and there is plenty of room to move around and party.

Perfect For

  • Prom and Other School Dances
  • Sports Team Travel
  • Corporate Events and Outings
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
  • School Trips
  • Weddings

Features on Our Minibus Rentals

  • Fits Up to 28 passengers
  • Cushioned Reclining Seats
  • TV monitor and DVD player
  • Climate-Controlled Cabin
  • Storage
  • AM/FM Radio
  • Electrical Outlets

Charter Mini Coach

Comfortably seating 36 passengers, this charter coach is the perfect solution for groups that require luxury and comfort. Executive-style seating and a smooth, quiet ride make this charter vehicle ideal for shuttling conference attendees and corporate groups between airports, hotels, and event locations. Moreover, one of our professional drivers will ensure that you have everything you need to either relax and entertain your group or run your business as needed.

Perfect For

  • Corporate Events and Outings
  • Airport and Hotel Transfer
  • School Trips
  • Weddings
  • Sporting Events

Features on Our Minibus Rentals

  • Seats Up To 36 Passengers
  • Cushioned, Executive-Style Seating
  • Overhead Storage
  • Climate-Controlled cabin
  • Sound System
  • TV monitor and DVD player
  • Electrical Outlets

Charter Coach Bus

This coach bus rental is perfect for large groups that need to get from one destination to the next. With cushioned reclining seats, ample leg room, and a climate-controlled cabin, this bus charter has the amenities you need for a comfortable and enjoyable ride. This coach would suit large groups for casino bus trips, travel and tours, professional sporting events, and so much more. What’s more, these luxury bus rentals have immaculate on-board restrooms.

Perfect For

  • Casino Trips
  • Professional Sporting Events
  • Corporate Events and Conventions
  • University and School Trips
  • Nonprofit Trips

Features on Our Minibus Rentals

  • Seats Up to 56 Passengers
  • Cushioned, Reclining Seats
  • Luggage Storage
  • Climate-Controlled cabin
  • Comfortable Footrests
  • TV monitor and DVD player
  • WiFi

Charter Sprinter Van

Professional Charter Services Sprinter Van Rental is perfect for small groups under 12 passengers. This vehicle offers a truly inviting interior that features a variety of comforts to provide safe, luxurious transport for airport transfers, corporate or university campus shuttles, concerts and sporting events, and so much more. When you rent a sprinter charter bus, you get the luxury amenities of a limousine, but with the added benefits of spacious headroom while standing, easy vehicle access through a large exit door, smooth ride and accessible to most locations.

Perfect For

  • Airport Transfers and Pickups
  • Birthday Parties
  • Sightseeing Excursions
  • Sporting Events
  • Executive Meetings and Events

Features on Our Sprinter Buses

  • Fits Up to 12 Passengers
  • Plenty of Headroom
  • Comfortable Seating
  • CD/DVD/AM/FM stereo
  • Outlets for Charging Devices

Executive SUV

Nothing makes you feel more like a VIP than traveling in our Executive SUV rental. Whether traveling for a business meeting or just a night on the town, these luxury vehicles offer comfort, style, and class. Comfortable and leather bucket seats, large storage capacity, and a professional driver are just a few of the great amenities that are included with this executive vehicle rental.

Perfect For

  • VIP Events and Galas
  • Date Nights
  • Airport Transfers
  • Business Meetings
  • Concerts and Shows

Features on Our Executive SUVs

  • Fits Up to Six Passengers
  • Comfortable Leather Bucket Seats
  • Climate-Controlled Cabin
  • Plenty of Legroom
  • AM/FM Radio

Lincoln Town Car Sedan

The Lincoln Town Car Sedan is perfect for transporting small groups to any location in the Bay Area. The vehicle comfortably sits up to four passengers and typically about four medium-sized suitcases can fit in the trunk space. With this town car rental, you have the ability to sit back and relax as you enjoy the luxury and convenience of being chauffeured by one of our professional drivers.

Perfect For

  • VIP Events and Galas
  • Date Nights
  • Airport Transfers
  • Business Meetings
  • Point-to-Point Trips

Features on Our Executive SUVs

  • Fits Up to Four Passengers
  • Front and Rear A/C
  • AM/FM Stereo with CD Player
  • Leather Interior
  • AM/FM Radio

As you can see, we have charter vehicles to accommodate just about any group size or needs. Plus, when you rent charter buses and vehicles from Professional Charter Services, in addition to the various amenities you also get a professional driver to drive you to your destination. Gone are the days of worrying about traffic, parking, directions, and other driving frustrations.

No matter what you need one of our rentals for, we have the charter solutions that you need for maximum safety, comfort, and versatility. If you still need help choosing the right vehicle from our fleet or are interested in receiving a free quote, get in touch with us today! One of our friendly representatives will be happy to assist you!

When renting a coach bus or charter bus, it can never hurt to ask yourself, as well as your group, enough questions to iron out the important details and information. Planning a charter bus trip — whether for a sporting event, company event or retreat, or another large group event — requires gathering a lot of information, as well as careful and thoughtful planning. In addition, finding the right charter bus company is essential for a positive trip experience. In this quick guide, we gathered 10 helpful questions to ask yourself and those in your group, as well as your local charter bus company.

1. Where Is The Destination?

If you are interested in renting a charter bus, you obviously have a trip and destination in mind. However, you would be surprised by how destinations can change once a large group of people is trying to decide where to go. Be sure to choose a destination that everyone agrees upon. Be sure to do the proper research to ensure all the details are figured out. Once the destination is confirmed, you can move forward with planning.

2. How Many People Are Attending?

Whether you are going on a corporate trip or taking a bus trip to casinos, getting a headcount is essential as the charter bus size can vary depending on group size. Try to get a sure headcount before booking your bus rental.

3. What Are The Different Bus Sizes Available

The sizes of charter bus rentals can vary, depending on the rental bus company. A minibus rental can usually accommodate around 28 to 37 passengers, while charter buses and motor coach rentals can often fit greater numbers, typically between 47 and 56 passengers. Additionally, the size of the charter bus, the number of travel days, and destination are often reflected in the overall travel costs.

4. What Is The Best Bus Charter Company?

The best charter bus company in San Francisco can vary from the one in Seattle as well as the rest of the nation. Assuming you have a confirmed destination and group size, you can start getting charter bus quotes from bus rental companies nearby. For additional help on choosing a company to work with, check out our tips for choosing charter services.

5. What Amenities Are Available?

Again, the amenities inside a charter bus can vary depending on the company. Some bus rental companies have a more luxurious interior and amenities than others. Some amenities to look for are:

  • Reclining Seats With Plenty Of Legroom
  • Adjustable Foot Rests
  • Spacious Restrooms
  • A/C and Heating
  • Carry-On Storage
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Wi-Fi
  • TV Monitors

What Can I Bring On A Charter Bus?

If your trip involves bringing items onboard, be sure that it gets the green light from the charter bus company you are working with. Some bus companies will allow you to bring coolers with food and drinks. Some companies will limit the amount of bags that can be brought on. If there is an item you are unsure about, always be sure to ask the bus company for approval.

Are Any Special Accommodations Needed?

If there are members in your group who require special accommodations, such as wheelchair accessibility, oxygen tank, or other handicap provisions, be sure to consult with the charter bus company about their ability to accommodate your group’s needs.

What Is The Cost Of The Trip?

Again, the bus or coach company you choose to work with will determine the cost associated with the trip. Make sure that the company works with you to ensure you understand all of the charges and possible charges that may be incurred during the trip. Professional bus companies should be able to give you a total estimated cost for your trip with the exception of tolls, parking, and other variable fees.

By answering these questions, you and your group will be more likely to enjoy your charter bus rental experience for your trip. Renting a charter bus for a group trip, company business trip, or another occasion can save you time, hassle, and money.

At Professional Charter Services, we can provide your group with reliable transportation. Our services are available for numerous tours, events, trips, and more! Instead of having to deal with stressful traffic, let our professional and experienced bus drivers take your group to your desired destination.

Now that the summer is officially here and the temperatures are rising, it is the perfect time to spend time outdoors. Additionally, this time of year offers businesses great weather for a company retreat. Company or corporate retreats are an effective way to tackle important topics such as team building, leadership, and sales goals that often require more than your average meeting room or coffee shop.

In order for a company retreat to be effective, it takes some careful planning. One of the biggest factors of a planning a company trip or retreat is finding reliable transportation to get a business and it’s employees from point A to point B safely. Instead of having employees be responsible for transportation and use their personal vehicles for a work-related event, businesses can ensure that everyone gets to the destination safely and at the same time by getting a corporate bus rental. Because planning a corporate retreat can be a daunting affair, and finding reliable and affordable corporate transportation services in San Francisco is often overwhelming, we put together some helpful tips to maximize your experience.

Decide When and Where

Before you hire a charter bus service for transportation to a company retreat, it is first essential to have a set date in mind as well as a destination. Whether you choose to have a corporate camping trip or a retreat at a comforting resort, there are plenty of destinations and venues that work. Once you have your date and destination set you can continue your planning.

Plan Your Route

Depending on how many members of the staff are going on a company retreat, the charter bus may have to make multiple stops to pick them up. Because of this, the trip route should be planned ahead of time. Pick two to three destinations for employees to meet at and set up scheduled pick-up times to ensure everyone gets a ride.

Add Driving Time

When planning a company retreat, it is important to factor in the time it will take to get there. Is the destination local or out-of-state? Are there any stops that need to be made along the way? Answering these questions will help determine how much driving time is needed. Remember, be sure to factor in the time it takes to make multiple pickups as well as stops for food and bathroom breaks along the way if needed.

Book A Charter Bus Rental In Advance

A company retreat typically involves a large group of people, many of whom would not like to be left behind. Forgetting to book a corporate charter bus in advance can result in not having enough seats available, or worse, no transportation at all! Additionally, some charter bus companies may charge the highest fee for last minute bookings. Be sure to share the details of the retreat, including the date, destination, and driving time. Finding a reliable charter bus company can be a challenge, but check out some helpful tips to make the process easier!

Share Retreat And Transportation Information

Once the date, time, and transportation method is confirmed, it is important to share the details with employees and staff members. Let the employees know all the details, especially the pick up and the drop off times and locations. Letting staff members know the details far enough in advance will better ensure they have enough time to make the necessary accommodations to attend.

By following these tips, booking a charter bus for a company retreat is not as hard as it may seem. The best way to ensure that your transportation service is safe, reliable, and comfortable is to work with a reputable and experienced company. When it comes to charter bus companies in San Francisco, choosing Professional Charter Services for corporate transportation is the best choice! If you have a medium to large sized business looking for transportation for your next corporate retreat, look no further than our charter bus rental company. We specialize in getting large groups to a destination in a professional and efficient manner. We have years of experience when it comes to company events and transporting large groups of people from one destination to another. We offer a variety of corporate charter services, contact us today to get a free charter quote for your company retreat!

While it is a beautiful city year-round, there is nothing like San Francisco in the summertime. As one of the most eclectic cities in the United States, both locals and visitors have a seemingly endless amount of options for things to do this summer. In addition, with school out and more free time, the summer is the ideal time for group activities and events. Whether you have a medium-sized or large group, planning group activities can often be overwhelming. Not only will you want to choose an event or activity that most people involved will enjoy, but you also have to figure out traveling logistics, as well as other tedious details.

At Professional Charter Services, we make transportation to and from group events or activities easy and stress-free by offering complete bus rental services. Whether you have a family, corporate, or a religious or non-profit group, we can accommodate for your needs and ensure your group arrives to the desired destinations on time and in comfort. We specialize in transporting medium to large groups to their destinations throughout San Francisco and the surrounding areas. To help make planning your group trips and activities this summer easier, we are going to review some of the most popular destinations that are enjoyed by visitor and tourists alike during the summertime.

Top Destinations For Group Trips In San Francisco

San Francisco is full of fun, entertainment, shopping, food, and more, making it a great city for a group trip. While there is a seemingly endless amount of options for venues, events, and destinations, here are some of the most popular to visit with your group this summer.

Catch A Ball-Game

Nothing says summer like spending a day at the ballpark. Even if group members aren’t big sports fans, they’ll be sure to enjoy the experience one of the most charming stadiums in Major League Baseball, AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants. The ballpark’s waterfront location, along with the stadium’s unique infrastructure and architecture, offer simply stunning views. The baseball team plays at the iconic stadium multiple times in June, July, and August so finding a date to take a trip to the ballpark should not be too difficult.

At Professional Charter Services, we offer transportation services to and from AT&T Park, as well as various other stadiums, arenas, and sporting venues. When you travel with us, you don’t have to worry about the traffic, parking, and other travel logistics, so you can focus on tailgating and getting ready to cheer on your team. If you prefer the team on the other side of the Bay Bridge, we can also bring your group to the Alameda Coliseum to catch an Oakland Athletic’s game!

Attend A Concert or Music Festival

The summer is notorious for being the time of year when major concerts and music festivals take place. This summer, there are a number of concerts and live music events in San Francisco and around the Bay Area. You can find performances at top venues, like the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, the Fillmore, and the Warfield. In addition, our charter bus services can take you to some of the top music festivals in the area, such as the Fillmore Jazz Festival, Stone Grove Festival, and Outside Lands at Golden Gate Park. Like sporting events, concerts and festivals can cause a lot of traffic that can be stressful to deal with. When your group uses a charter bus rental to travel to music events, you can ensure that your trip will be safer, more convenient, cost-effective, and a more enjoyable experience.

Unwind In Wine Country

If your group is looking to get out of the city for a day and relax, a trip to Wine Country may be exactly what you need. One of the most popular excursions in the San Francisco area during the summer is visiting both small-boutique and large-scale wineries. Your group can plan stops at multiple wineries, enjoying tastings at each one along the way. With popular vineyards, like Sutter Home Winery, Sebastiani Vineyards, and Madonna Estate, there are plenty of wineries and tastings to ensure your group enjoys their time. At Professional Charter Services, we offer affordable Wine Country tours for your group!

Test Your Luck At A Casino

Sometimes, the California heat can just be too much for large group activities. If you are looking to escape the heat but still have a blast, heading to a casino can provide your group with hours of fun. There are few things more exhilarating than taking a trip to the casino, especially when you go with a group of relatives and/or friends. Rather than having to worry about who is driving and trying to coordinate who will ride within what vehicle, you should instead leave the driving and route planning to experienced drivers at Professional Charter Services. We have taken numerous groups of all sizes on a memorable trip to some of the best casinos near the Bay Area. Our San Francisco casino bus trips are a great way for your group to arrive in comfort and style, and ready for a night of fun!

Spend The Day At Fisherman’s Wharf

If you have a group that enjoys exploring and seeing various attracts, Fisherman’s Wharf is the perfect destination for groups looking for some fun and entertainment. This eclectic, waterfront neighborhood is filled with unique and fun attractions, and it has more family-friendly activities than any other part of San Francisco. From here, your group can take a trip to Alcatraz Island, the historic Hyde Street Pier, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, and Aquarium of the Bay.

Have A Fun-Filled Park Day

Golden Gate Park is one of the most popular destinations in the area. Here, you will find dozens of gardens, running and walking trails, playgrounds, recreation and picnic areas, monuments, and so much more spread out through over 1,000 acres of delightful, urban, green space. If your group wants to do more than just lay back and enjoy the scenery, there are various attractions and museums located within the park. For example, the California Academy of Sciences is located in the park and features a four-story rainforest, a natural history museum, an aquarium, and the world’s largest all-digital planetarium. Here, your group is sure to kill some time while enjoying the numerous attractions and features within the popular park.

In addition to what we covered above, there are plenty of events and activities throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area to do and see this summer for your group. Whichever destination you choose for your group, it is essential that you figure out the tedious details of transportation. To avoid the hassle of figuring out travel accommodations, let a charter bus service handle your transportation needs.

At Professional Charter Services, we offer reliable and affordable charter bus rentals for group trips. If you are interested in booking a charter bus rental for your group trip or event, contact our team today for a free estimation.