We know, we know. Bus transportation doesn’t seem very exciting to you. To most people, the idea of buses is boring and bus transportation certainly doesn’t always seem desirable for any kind of travel. But we’re here to tell you that it’s just not true! Bus transportation can be amazingly efficient and comfortable, especially for larger groups of people, when done properly!

Here at Professional Charter Services, we’ve been supplying incredible bus transportation to the San Francisco area for years and we love what we do! Based on course principles of integrity and respect for every single customer, we’ve provided hundreds of positive safe, comfortable, reliable and cost-effective bus transportation experiences for companies and individuals in our community. When you travel with us, you travel in luxury. Our fleet of charter buses and mini shuttles are far and away the safest, most comfortable and reliable on the road today!

Basically, what we’re trying to say is that not all bus transportation is created equal. We go through great lengths to make riding a bus a pleasurable experience. Part of that poor bus transportation you’ve had in the past is due to the different types of buses out there. Some aren’t made for luxury travel like ours are. So today, we’d like to give you a rundown of the different types of buses out there so you know how to pick the right one — and bus charter service like us! — in the future. Enjoy, and please feel free to contact us today for more information!

What is a Bus?

Let’s begin by defining exactly what a bus is. The term “bus” is actually fairly broad. Most of us tend to picture a school bus or city bus because those are the ones we have the most interaction within our daily lives. But a bus is any class or large, self-propelled, wheeled vehicles designed to carry passengers, usually on a fixed route. Buses as we know them date back to the early 20th century to compete with horse-drawn buggies and streetcars, which were the main form of public transportation at the time. Today, buses are typically defined as vehicles that accommodate 10 more passengers.

Bus History Recap

Pre-modern buses are really anything that was designed to carry several passengers and were first powered the same way most everything was powered before the invention of the combustible engine — horses! Some buses were then powered by steam engines in the 1800s as the technology branched out from sea travel, but quickly went to gasoline-powered engines as they became more commonplace starting in the 1900s.

Initially built on truck chassis, bus transportation continually developed into wider, longer vehicles with far greater carrying capacity. As metropolitan areas became to boom in size (like our very own beloved San Francisco!), bus transportation became a far more popular mode of travel for people in the cities looking to commute. And remember, not everybody had or could afford cars back then! Over time, automobile technology developed and buses adopted the modern features of cars that we know today. However, there is a wide variety in the kinds of buses out there, so let’s learn what each type of bus is!

Types of Buses

Very broadly, there are four main kinds of buses more or less: city or transit, suburban, intercity or tour and school. Like we mentioned at the start, most of us are familiar with school buses (who could miss all that yellow) and city or transit buses as they cruise about the city as a still popular mode of bus transportation for the commuter world. But there are so many more buses out there, including bus transportation designed for luxury and comfort and shuttle buses for convenient commuting like we used here at Professional Charter Services!

  1. Transit Bus

These are the buses you see in every major city across the United States. They’re built more for practicality than anything else. They are made to get people from one spot in the city to another, doing so for large groups of commuters on fixed routes and routine times. They are characterized by low speeds, a low-ride platform, have standing room and wheelchair passengers. Generally, there are two entrances on the curbside with low-back seats and no luggage space. A 40-foot transit bus is common with room for about 45 passengers.

Key Features:

  • Commuter buses are seen in major cities
  • Low speeds, standing room, no luggage space
  • Hold about 45 passengers and stop at scheduled intervals
  1. Suburban Bus

These buses have more elements of comfort in them than transit buses due to the fact that they are designed to transport passengers from one city to another in shorter distances, so generally from a major city to one of its suburbs (get the name now?). These buses have high-backed seats and typically a single, front entrance, but still no luggage compartments or racks.

Key Features:

  • Made to go from city centers to suburban cities
  • High-backed seats and single, front door
  • No luggage compartments or racks
  1. Articulated Bus

Taking passenger capacity to the max, an articulated bus is a super-long bus that looks like two buses were merged together at the end of one and the front of the other. They are typically 54 to 60 feet long and the rear section is connected to the main by a joint mechanism that allows the bus to bend for turns. They are usually transit buses to maximize passenger capacity.

Key Features:

  • Super-long buses from 54 to 60 feet
  • Two compartments joined by a joint mechanism allowing for turns
  • Similar to transit buses, but to maximize passenger capacity
  1. Shuttle Bus

These buses are usually quite a bit smaller in size and are intended to take passengers on very specific destinations without many stops such as going to the airport or commuting from a commuter parking lot into work quickly, safely and without hassle. Our shuttle bus services even have WiFi so you can work on your commute and keeps you away from the cost and pain that goes along with paying to park.

Key Features:

  • Take passengers to specific destinations without many stops
  • Save you the hassle of commuting and parking
  • Our shuttle bus service even includes WiFi
  1. Intercity Bus

Now, these are what we’re talking about! This type of bus is built for luxury and comfort because they are designed for travel between cities and are often referred to as a coach bus. So think Greyhound. These are great when larger groups of people want to travel long distances and can be rented for extremely affordable prices! The intercity bus has a high-ride platform to provide maximum luggage space under the passengers, high-back seats, overhead luggage racks, television monitors, reading lights, ventilation controls and a restroom. A typical intercity bus has a capacity of around 50 passengers.

Key Features:

  • Built with luxury and comfort in mind
  • Perfect for large groups traveling safely over long distances
  • Have amenities such as restrooms, TVs, luggage space and ventilation controls
  1. School Bus

Without question, these are the most famous buses in the United States! A seemingly timeless classic, bright yellow school buses have been safely transporting our children from home to school and back again five days a week (excluding summer, woohoo!) since as far back as the early 1900s! School buses typically consist of a 50-passenger body, with special signal lamp and safety provisions and mounted on a long-wheelbase truck chassis. When gas prices went up significantly in the 1990s and 2000s, school buses became even more widely used as parents sought to keep their gas usage down.

Key Features:

  • Bright yellow paint and special signals/stop signs
  • Carry around 50 passengers and feature special safety provisions
  • Used to get kids to and from school across the country
  1. Double-Decker Bus

Internationally famous and associated with Great Britain, double-decker buses are uniquely identifiable because they essentially took a second bus body and stacked it on top of the first! Not all double-decker buses are red, of course, but pop culture made the color synonymous with the very British double-decker. Because of the extra floor, these buses can hold upwards of 70 people!

Key Features:

  • Two floors stacked on one chassis
  • Can hold upwards of 70 people
  • Made famous to Great Britain by pop culture
  1. Open-Topped Bus

An open-topped bus is basically a bus (or double-decker bus) which was built without a roof or had the roof removed so passengers can see out of the bus more easily, usually used on tourist and sight-seeing services. Some open-topped buses have half a roof at the front and some have none at all. You can see these buses most often in historical European cities, like Paris, for tourists looking to see as much as they can in a more timely fashion without having to walk around.

Key Features:

  • Have half or no roof at all
  • Used for tourist or sigh-seeing services
  • Often found in historical European cities

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With the current housing affordability crisis in San Francisco and The Bay Area, more and more employees are being forced to commute to work. It is estimated that more than 100,000 residents in the San Francisco-Bay Area spend at least 90 minutes commuting to work each day.

With the increasing — not to mention dreadful — commute times, companies in the area should consider implementing solutions to create a more commuter-friendly workplace. At Professional Charter Services, we are dedicated to providing businesses and corporations in the area with effective and efficient employee transportation solutions to reduce or eliminate employee commutes. Below, we’ll share a few ways you can improve employee mobility and create a more commuter-friendly workplace.

Link Your Office to Public Transit With Last Mile Shuttles

At Professional Charter Services, we offer simple and convenient last mile transportation solutions to improve the accessibility of your campus or workplace. Our last mile shuttle programs offer a safe and reliable method of transportation between your campus or workplace and public transit stations for your employees. These services make it easier for employees to quickly get to work, keep them safe from adverse weather conditions, and reward and encourage punctuality.

Last Mile Shuttles are a simple solution for any company whose employees have to travel that “last mile” between the nearest public transportation stop and your office or workplace.

Connect Buildings and Parking With Intercampus Shuttles

Intercampus shuttle services are ideal for companies with a workplace campus that has multiple buildings or locations, or an employee parking lot is a distance from the office, requiring people to walk a long way from their car to get to work. Intercampus shuttles are a great way to link all your buildings and parking lots using a campus-wide transit system. Not only are intercampus more efficient and convenient for employees, but they contribute to eco-friendly practices as well.

Keep Employee’s Moving With Corporate Commuter Services

The stresses of traffic and trying to find a parking space can take a lot out of your employees. Instead of having your employees sit through traffic, struggle to find a parking place, and then have to walk a long way to the office each day for work, why not let them do their commute in comfort? With corporate commuter services, you can do just that!

As one of the leading providers of commuter services to corporate clients in the Bay Area, we offer contract shuttles that make the daily commute safe and convenient for your employees. At specific points, our charter buses will pick up your employees and drop them off at your campus location and vice versa at the end of the workday, eliminating the need of taking public transportation or drive to and from work. Employees will enjoy faster commute times and a more relaxing experience on the road – a perk that will keep personnel happy and help attract top talent!

These are just a few of the ways companies and corporations can improve employee mobility and create a more commuter-friendly workplace. If you are interested in employee transportation services, contact the experts at Professional Charter Services today!

In today’s corporate world, it is not uncommon for employees to have to travel for their work. While corporate travel can certainly have its setbacks, it doesn’t necessarily always have to feel like work.
Whether your company’s employees are traveling several times a week or only once every few months, there are some tips that they can follow to ensure that they make the most out of business trips and corporate travel. At Professional Charter Services, we are all about providing our clients with enjoyable means of travel. In this blog, we are going to share some helpful habits you and your employees can adapt to make corporate traveling more enjoyable!

Travel In Comfort

When traveling for business, the last thing you want to do is call or cab or catch a public bus to get to your destination. Not only are these options often crowded, but they can make your corporate travel more overwhelming. Instead, you’ll want to choose a transportation method that will be comfortable for you or your employees. At Professional Charter Services, our corporate transportation services allow business executives and employees alike to travel in the comfort of our charter vehicles.

Pack Light

When you bring a bulky mess of luggage with you on your business trips it can really wear you down and increase your stress levels. Packing light and bringing lighter luggage on your trip can make a world of a difference in how you travel.

Stay In A Central Location

Depending on your agenda and destinations you need to go, it’s generally more helpful to choose a lodging option that has a central location. Sure, lodging on the fringes of the city may be cheaper, but you will likely save more time and money on transportation by booking lodging in a central location.

Set Some Personal Time Aside

If you’re traveling for business, there are times where you may be traveling to a new city or area. Even though you are on a business trip, don’t let yourself get completely consumed by your work. Be sure to take the time to enjoy your surroundings, especially if they are new to you! Setting aside time to explore a new place can really make your business trips worthwhile.

At One Good Meal A Day (At Least)

We all know how hard it can be to eat a good meal while traveling. However, taking the time to eat at least one good meal a day can make a huge difference. Eating a continental breakfast and snacks throughout the day is not a sufficient way to boost your energy levels. Instead, it will decrease them. When traveling, even when for business, you should always make it a priority to take care of your body and enjoy a real meal at least once a day.

Stay Connected

It can be difficult to stay connected with everything while traveling for business. Limited internet access will make it challenging to check and reply to emails, contact important people, and make sure that everything is on schedule.

Fortunately, when you travel with Professional Charter Services, staying connected is easy, as many of our charter vehicles are equipped with wi-fi. This allows employees to check emails, manage schedules, and prepare for meetings while traveling, making the entire trip more productive.

Use Professional Charter For Corporate Transportation Services!

By following the tips above, you can make corporate travel more enjoyable. Of course, using Professional Charter Services for corporate transportation is bound to make your business travel much more enjoyable. With cushioned, reclining leather seats with headrests and footrests, climate-controlled cabins, free wi-fi, and other amenities and perks, you and your employees will get more out of corporate traveling. To learn more about our corporate bus rentals, contact us today!

Christmas will be here before you know it. While this holiday is a joyful time meant for spending time with family, friends, and loved ones, traveling to your Christmas destination can be far less joyous. Many families tend to fly, but that leaves airports overcrowded and flights prone to delays or even cancellations. In fact, in 2017, Travel Agent Central estimated 51 million passengers were expected to travel between the dates of December 15 and January 4. If you are traveling a long distance for the holidays, flying may be the best option. However, if you are not going far, but taking a vehicle is not cost-effective or desired, charter bus travel is a great alternative to airport travel — it can even make holiday traveling a breeze and easier than ever. If you are considering renting a charter bus for your holiday traveling this year, consider the following tips:

Book Early On

It is never too early to book a charter bus for your travel plans, especially during the holidays. During this time of year, just about all travel options tend to book as millions of people are trying to make arrangements to visit their family and friends. If you book your charter bus rental early, you will not only guarantee yourself a safe method of transportation, but also the avoidance of the stress associated with trying to find a booking at the last minute.

Keep An Eye Out For Weather Delays

The weather is unpredictable around this time of year. As your departure date approaches, be sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast so you can plan for delays. Keep in mind, delays and cancellations for bus travel are rare and happen far less than they do when traveling by plane.

Pack Comfortably

No matter how long your charter bus ride is, you are going to want to be comfortable for every minute of it. While the cushioned reclining seats, footrests, and TVs and DVD players will make it easier to relax, make sure that you pack all of the necessities in your bag that you need. Be sure to pack items including snacks and water, a travel pillow or neck pillow, and any phone or laptop chargers.

Board Early

When you have a flight to catch, you more than likely get to the airport two to three hours before your departure time. When traveling by bus, while you do not need to be there as early as you would for plane travel, you should arrive a half hour before your bus is scheduled to leave. This will ensure that you have enough time to prepare and make sure that everything is in order before heading to your holiday destination!

Try To Avoid Peak Travel Dates

When you rent a charter bus, it is best to avoid booking on peak travel dates. Not only will these dates book faster and have less availability, as mentioned above, but they will also be much busier and may create more headaches for you on the day of travel.

Figuring out how to get through the hurdle of holiday travel is the ultimate reward, as you get to spend time and enjoy all the festivities with your friends and family. Rent a charter bus for your travel needs this holiday season and enjoy the many benefits and accommodations that they offer.

If you need a charter bus rental in San Francisco, Professional Charter Services is available to take you to your holiday destinations. To learn more about our charter bus fleet or to make a reservation, contact our reservation specialists today!

One of the best ways companies show employees that they care about them and appreciate their hard work is by throwing an annual Christmas party. Corporate Christmas parties offer the chance to reward and engage with employees and motivate them for the year ahead, in the process boosting morale.

For many business owners, planning a holiday party for all of your employees can be a challenge. You want them to enjoy themselves, so you need to determine the costs of food, drinks, entertainment, and transportation so that they can travel to and from the party safely. In regards to transportation, renting a charter bus for a corporate holiday party is one of the best ways to ensure your employees are comfortable and enjoying themselves, as well as arriving at the event on time. If you are interested in using corporate shuttle services for your business’s holiday party, consider the following tips.

Set A Budget

Your holiday party needs to have a budget, or spending can get out of hand, and fast. It’s vital to know what your budget is for corporate holiday parties, so you don’t have to spend more than you need to. In addition to food, drink, and entertainment, one of the biggest expenses is finding reliable transportation. Once you have set a budget, begin figuring out how to pay other costs such as venue reservations and other activities.

Get A Head Count

Once you have figured out the date, location, and time of your holiday party, it is important to send employees an invitation a month or two prior so they can plan accordingly. Employee’s planning to attend should RSVP. This will give you an idea of how many people will be attending, which will allow you to better determine how much food and drinks will be needed as well as what type — and how many — charter vehicles you need.

Create an Itinerary

Create a detailed itinerary so you know how many drivers will be needed to pick up and transport your employees to the party. Make sure everyone has a copy of the itinerary to ensure that they know where they need to be and when!

Book Everything Early

Don’t wait to reach out to venues, caterers, and entertainment. These services tend to book fast, especially during the holiday season. Once you have set your budget and know the details of the party, begin reaching out to the necessary vendors to ensure everything is set and ready for the date of the party.

Book Your Corporate Bus Charter

Don’t forget to book corporate shuttle services to get your staff to and from the event. A charter bus rental is like renting a private bus for the night and is a great choice for companies of any size Get some important information about your corporate event such as your budget, the type of business or organization involved, travel itinerary, and the size of the group that will need transportation to reserve a charter bus rental for your party.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to planning your corporate holiday party. If you’re the one who’s planning every detail, then considering renting a charter bus to transport your employees there safely. To learn more about our corporate charter buses, contact us!

Nothing is quite as chaotic as traveling by plane for the holiday season. With congested traffic, long lines to get through security, constant flight delays, crowded planes, and frustrated passengers, traveling by plane is one of the last things that will get you into the holiday spirit. While traveling by a charter bus rental may not be a practical option for groups that need to travel long distances this time of year, it is a great alternative for those going to closer destinations. If you are still planning your travel arrangements for the holiday season, consider the benefits of traveling by charter bus instead of a plane or other travel options.

Little Delays and Cancellations

Did you know the San Francisco airport is one of the busiest airports during the holidays? Unlike flights, it is very rare for a charter bus rental to get delayed or canceled. Unpredictable weather can cause flights to be pushed back or even canceled, potentially ruining your holiday plans. Of course, charter bus rentals will never go out in storms or any conditions that would put the safety of the passengers at risk, but it’s no secret that there are far fewer delays and cancellations than planes.

No Baggage Fees

If you have checked a bag when traveling, you already know how outrageous airline baggage fees can be. With charter bus rentals, however, baggage fees do not exist! Anytime you can save money is beneficial. Plus, with overhead bins and storage underneath the charter bus, you can rest assured that there will be plenty of room for your luggage and belongings.

Spend Time With Family

The holidays are all about spending time with family and friends. When traveling in a car or on a plane, it can be challenging to socialize and bond with your friend or family. On a charter bus, however, it is much easier to get up and talk with others. Not only will your group or family be able to travel together, you’ll enjoy the company so much that your trip will be over before you know it.


While more and more airlines are beginning to offer Wi-Fi, how often do you actually opt for it? Not only is it costly Wi-Fi access on a plane, but the service or speed of the connection is often slow or spotty. The Wi-Fi on charter bus rentals generally offers much better service than what you’d find on an airplane, meaning that you can stream movies and shows, get your work done before the festivities, or play games during your trip.

Eco-Conscious Travel

Compared to other methods of transportation, many charter or coach buses for rent emit the least carbon dioxide per passenger mile. Planes, on the other hand, use an immense amount of jet fuel, and when you drive yourself, you’re not only using more fuel, but payment for fuel comes out of your own wallet. Traveling by coach tends to be the most cost-effective option of transportation in general, and you’ll save even more when you don’t have to constantly stop to fill up your vehicle with gas.

Rent A Charter Bus in San Francisco This Holiday Season!

This holiday season, rent a charter bus for travel instead of your usual form of transportation. You’ll experience the benefits of charter bus travel and perhaps find your new favorite method for group transportation! You can find the perfect coaches for your trip at Professional Charter Services. With a large fleet of various charter vehicles, we can help you find the perfect one to transport your family or group from point A to point B safe and sound for the holidays. To learn more, contact one of our charter reservation specialists today!

When looking for a convenient and economical way for your group to travel to a certain destination, charter bus rentals are a popular option. After all, when compared to other travel options, they’re the least costly way to travel. While public transportation costs each passenger 77 cents in federal taxpayer subsidies and commercial airplanes cost just over four dollars per passenger, charter buses only cost each passenger six cents per trip! That being said, finding an affordable charter bus company to take you to your destination should not be too difficult. Still, even with the money your group saves, there are some additional ways you can keep cash in your wallet when renting a charter bus. In this blog, we are going to share three money-saving tips when it comes to renting a bus from a chartering service.

Book Your Charter Bus Rental In Advance

There are a variety of factors that are considered when determining the cost of a charter bus rental, including the destination and duration of the trip and the season. However, one important factor is the availability of the charter bus fleet. Booking in advance, when charter bus rentals are still widely available, can help you save money, especially during the peak season when more people are looking for group travel options. By booking charter buses months ahead of your trip date, it is possible to receive a lower rate than you would be doing so at the last minute. Plus, if you’re traveling with a large group, this is especially important, as this will not only get the best available price for everyone but will give you a better availability and selection of charter vehicles and destinations.

Book For Your Group Size

When planning travel accommodations for a group trip, it can be tempting to overestimate the space and the features needed during a trip. Large, charter coach bus rentals may be great and offer a lot of room and amenities, but depending on the size of your group and your budget, you could potentially be paying more than what is actually needed. For shorter trips and smaller groups, you may want to consider a charter mini bus rental. For longer trips, you should reserve a charter bus that fits the needs of your group exactly, without overestimating or underestimating. If you are unsure which bus is the right size for your group, contact a professional bus charter service for assistance — they’ll be able to recommend the right charter vehicle to ensure your group has everything needed for a comfortable and enjoyable trip!

Add To Your Group

Another potential way to save money for your trip is to add group members. For example, if you reserve a charter bus that can accommodate 56 passengers, you’ll want to try to get your passenger count as close to that number as possible. Otherwise, each person will technically be paying more for their trip. Of course, you will save even more money by getting an exact headcount in advance. However, if that isn’t possible or you have to book a bus that’s bigger than the finalized group, you could end up saving more money by adding members to your group! Ultimately, the charter bus rental is going to cost the same total price, however, it will cost less per passenger if you ensure you are at or near full capacity.

There you have it, with these three tips, you could save more money on your charter bus rental for your group trip. Ready to reserve your charter bus? Contact the Charter Specialists at Professional Charter Services! Our San Francisco charter bus company is ready to make your group travel experience one to remember

The NBA season has officially kicked off, and after another NBA Finals win last year, the six-time champs, Golden State Warriors are looking to defend their title and keep the trophy in the Bay Area. Over the past couple of years, Warrior fans have been enjoying the nonstop highlight reels that all-stars Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson provide, and now, thanks to hassle-free and comfortable charter bus transportation from Professional Charter Services, it’s extremely easy to witness their greatness with your group.

If you have group tickets for a Warriors game this season, whether it’s for a corporate gathering, bachelor party, or a get-together with friends — whatever the occasion, arrive at Oracle Arena on-time, safely, and together by renting a charter bus from Professional Charter Services.

Benefits of Golden State Warriors Group Transportation

When you have group tickets for a Golden State Warriors game, choosing to rent a charter bus comes with a variety of benefits and amenities, including but not limited to:

Avoid Traffic Headaches

Driving around San Francisco is overwhelming enough, and once you finally cross the bridge into Oakland, you’re sure to be hit with more traffic from the city as well as others heading to the game. With a charter bus rental, a professional and licensed driver handles all the logistics, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip to the arena with your group.

No Parking Hassle or Fees

Once you finally fight through the traffic and arrive at the arena, you’ll still have to find a parking spot. Oracle Arena typically charges around $30 per car for Warrior’s games. Think about it, if your group has 15-20 people in it, overall, the group can end up paying $450-$600 in parking alone. When you take a charter bus rental, you not only avoid the hassle of trying to find a parking spot in a crowded lot, but you also don’t have to worry about group members paying parking fees.

Direct Access To The Arena

Speaking of parking, when you travel to the game on a charter bus, once you arrive at the arena the driver will be able to drop you off as close to the entrance as possible, allowing you and your group to have direct access to the arena upon arrival.

Keeps Your Group Together

When your group members all drive separately, they will not only have to deal with traffic, the fees and hassle of parking — not to mention, its bad for the environment — but they will also be separated and likely to get lost and/or arrive at different times. With a charter bus rental, you and your group can all stay together and arrive at the game at the same time.

Sporting events are fun and exciting to watch live, and even more so when you can attend a game with a large group of friends, family, colleagues, or peers. Attending a Golden State Warriors game with your group is easier than ever when you travel by a charter bus rental! Renting a charter bus for your group means direct access to the stadium without having to worry about traffic, parking or traveling in multiple vehicles. Warriors’ games are an excellent outing for young sports teams, church groups, corporate gatherings, or any other group of basketball fans. Start planning your Warriors charter bus experience right away!

When traveling with a large group of people, whether it’s for a corporate gathering, family trip, fundraiser, or another event, a charter bus rental is a great and efficient way to get everyone from one location to another.

Of course, chartering a bus for a group has the standard benefits of hiring a charter bus service, such as reduced stress and more comfort during travel, but what about some of the other, often overlooked benefits? In today’s post, we are going to review some of the other advantages of using a charter bus rental for group travel.

Environmentally Friendly Travel Option

Think about it, how many people are there in your group that are going to the same destination? Now, think about how many cars will be traveling to said destination. More likely than not, if other forms of transportation are not reserved, your group will be traveling in multiple vehicles to get to the same destination. While buses may not seem like the most eco-friendly travel method, they are actually one of the greenest forms of ground transportation available, especially for large groups of people. A motorcoach rental full of people has the potential of taking over 50 vehicles off the road, which not only eliminate energy use and reduces emissions, but it also helps alleviate traffic congestion. Additionally, charter buses also emit the least amount of carbon dioxide per passenger mile in comparison to other transportation methods, such as taking separate vehicles.

A Permanent Designated-Driver

For many group events, whether it’s a ball game, casino trip, or another occasion, one of the main purposes of the trip is so that everyone can have a good time and enjoy themselves. However, in order for everyone to enjoy themselves, typically one or multiple people are voted to be the designated drivers to ensure everyone gets from one location to another safely. Instead of voting on which group members get the designated-driver title for the evening, with a charter bus rental you have a professional, permanent “DD” one who is more than willing to take everyone from place to another on your trip. Whether you’re going to a wedding, bachelor or bachelorette party, or just feel like having a good time, everyone will be able to have fun and enjoy themselves without having to worry about driving and getting from place to place safely.

Arrive At The Same Time

Nothing is more stressful than having to wait for group members to enjoy the night because they got stuck in traffic or took the wrong exit. All of these group-travel inconveniences can be avoided by opting for a charter bus rental. With charter buses, most — if not all — of your group members will be able to fit comfortably inside. Moreover, everyone in your group will arrive to the set destination on-time and together, eliminating any stressful situations.

These are just a few of the many advantages of renting a charter bus for group travel. If you are interested in renting a charter bus for your next event, you can rely on Professional Charter Services! We offer group charter services for college athletic events, business conventions and meetings, weddings, casino trips, and so much more. To request a free quote, contact one of our friendly charter specialists today!

Schools and students in the San Francisco and Bay Area have it lucky — there’s an abundance of attractions nearby that make great field trip destinations. Whether class curriculum is focused on the creatures of the see, encouraging their scientific explorations, or even developing their artistic and creative skills, San Francisco has a variety of destinations that make for the perfect class field trip.

From making reservations to getting permission slips signed a prepared, San Francisco teachers have enough on their plate when planning educational field trips for their students.

As one of San Francisco’s best charter services, we understand that planning is paramount to any trip. That is why Professional Charter Services is available to provide schools with spacious charter bus rentals that get teachers, students, and chaperones from one destination to the next. To assist in field trip planning, we are going to share four field trips in San Francisco that teachers can take their students on.

Aquarium of the Bay

Aquarium of the Bay perhaps the best place to discover the beauty and diversity of Northern California’s aquatic life. The aquarium is home to over 20,000 marine animals, including octopuses, jellyfish, sharks, and stingrays! The aquarium has an immersive field trip and outreach programs that allow students to discover the amazing world of San Francisco Bay through hands-on activities and experiences.

California Academy of Sciences

If you are looking for a field trip that has a little bit of everything, the California Academy of Sciences may be the ideal place! Home to an aquarium, planetarium, and natural history museum, the California Academy of Sciences is a groundbreaking research and educational institution. Students can listen to chirping birds and croaking frogs in the four-story rainforest, experience the cosmos in the planetarium, or sign up for a reserved program.

San Francisco Zoo and Gardens

Nestled against the Pacific Ocean, the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens is an urban oasis home to more than 1,000 exotic, endangered and rescued animals. Students will be sure to enjoy the 100-acre zoo and the opportunities get up close to some of the most beautiful and fascinating creatures on the planet. Swoop into the aviary building, get an up-close look at giraffes, and give students a field trip experience that will be hard to forget.


Students can explore the world through art, science, and human perception at the Exploratorium. Students can play, try new things, and partake in numerous hands-on activities and experiences. Students can see what it is like to step inside a tornado, flip upside down in a curved mirror, or export more than 650 exhibits.

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