1. Safe Driving Tips From Our Charter Bus Service

    There’s no question that when a vehicle is in the hands of a practiced, professional driver, it provides extra safety to every person in that vehicle. And when you get as many people into one vehicle as we do with our charter bus service, the weight of responsibility to drive safely is never far from…Read More

  2. Tips On Choosing A Charter Vehicle Type

    So you’ve decided to rent a charter vehicle. Congratulations! It probably means that you have a fun and important occasion happening, one that a lot of your friends, relatives, or colleagues are going to get to participate in. Here at Professional Charter Services., we rent charter buses, mini buses, and other vehicles in the San…Read More

  3. Benefits Of Hiring A Charter Service

    If you are thinking of hiring a charter bus service in the San Francisco area, you might be wondering what the benefits are and whether those benefits are worth the cost. The fact is, there are multiple benefits of using a charter service. While the particular benefits you’ll reap are dependent on your needs and…Read More

  4. Tips On Choosing A Bus Rental Service

    If you’re coordinating a group event that requires transportation for the group, you’ll probably instantly think of the option of renting a bus to take your group where you need to go. Whether you’re planning a field trip for schoolchildren or a business outing to reward your sales team for hitting an elusive milestone, a…Read More

  5. What To Look For In A Charter Service Driver

    When you plan on booking a charter bus service for an event, you have to think about multiple different things, from the type of bus you need to the size of your group to the activities you’ll give people to do while they’re on the bus. But no matter what variables you’re considering, one of…Read More

  6. Tips on Choosing Charter Services

    If you are planning a big outing, be it for a wedding, party, prom, etc., you may want to look into charter transportation services. Not only will this service get you where you need to go, on time and safe, but it will do it in style and comfort. Here at Professional Charter Services, we…Read More