1. 5 Reasons To Rent A Charter Bus For Summer Break

    Summer break is almost over, and the cool, crisp days of fall are about to come in their place. What are you going to do for your last hurrah before you have to hit the books and put your nose to the grindstone? Simple! Rent a charter bus from Professional Charter Services, gather up your friends, a…Read More

  2. When To Hire a Charter Service, part 2

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  3. When To Hire a Charter Service, part 1

    If you plan to hold any kind of group outing or event that requires transporting people from one place to another, you may debate with yourself over how to logistically move all those people. Sure, they might all have their own cars, but that might defeat the purpose of keeping the group together. I…Read More

  4. What Makes A Minibus?

    If you are looking to charter a vehicle for your next upcoming event, having everyone ride together can make quite the party! One of our customers’ favorite options, here at Professional Charter Services, is the timeless minibus option. But you might be wondering, what exactly is a minibus, and is…Read More

  5. Our Quality Charter Bus Fleet

    When you rent a bus or charter vehicle from Professional Charter Services, one of the things you want to be sure of is that you are getting a vehicle of the quality that you expect. That is perfectly understandable, because we would want to know the exact same thing, and we believe that every client…Read More

  6. Our Distinctive Quality Charter Bus Rental Service

    Professional Charter Service is a bus, motor coach, and mini bus rental service in San Francisco that strives to deliver quality charter service to each and every customer and passenger. When you’re looking for the best-quality charter bus service, here are some of the things that you should look …Read More

  7. Safe Driving Tips From Our Charter Bus Service

    There’s no question that when a vehicle is in the hands of a practiced, professional driver, it provides extra safety to every person in that vehicle. And when you get as many people into one vehicle as we do with our charter bus service, the weight of responsibility to drive safely is never far f…Read More

  8. Tips On Choosing A Charter Vehicle Type

    So you’ve decided to rent a charter vehicle. Congratulations! It probably means that you have a fun and important occasion happening, one that a lot of your friends, relatives, or colleagues are going to get to participate in. Here at Professional Charter Services., we rent charter buses, mini bus…Read More

  9. Benefits Of Hiring A Charter Service

    If you are thinking of hiring a charter bus service in the San Francisco area, you might be wondering what the benefits are and whether those benefits are worth the cost. The fact is, there are multiple benefits of using a charter service. While the particular benefits you’ll reap are dependent on…Read More

  10. Tips On Choosing A Bus Rental Service

    If you’re coordinating a group event that requires transportation for the group, you’ll probably instantly think of the option of renting a bus to take your group where you need to go. Whether you’re planning a field trip for schoolchildren or a business outing to reward your sales team for hi…Read More