The competitive, thriving job market in San Francisco can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s a great privilege to be located in a geographic area that boast a well-educated workforce, giving employers a pool or highly-qualified workers to choose from. However, it’s a challenge to be just one among many competitive employers, all of whom are fighting for the top picks among the available job seekers. Here are a few employee delighters that can set you apart as an employer and give you a better chance at hiring better people, earning better reviews, and keeping morale up.

1. Offer corporate commuter shuttles

With the traffic being what it is in San Francisco, this is one of the perks that the most competitive employers offer. A corporate commuter shuttle allows employees who live further away to have a comfortable and safe ride to work. They’ll arrive at the office rested and refreshed, and they even have the chance to be productive on the way, thanks to wifi-equipped shuttles. Plus, your employees will be more likely to arrive at work on time, as they will have the incentive to make it onto the shuttle, which they know will make an on-time departure.

2. Subsidize their public transportation fees

For employees who are taking the Cal Train, city bus system, BART, or a ferry, why not offer a subsidy of their public transportation fees? Employees know that this can save them hundreds of dollars per year, and all other things being equal, they’ll have the incentive to choose an employer who offers this perk over one who doesn’t. Want to sweeten the deal even more? Offer last-mile shuttle services by sending a shuttle bus to pick up your employees from the last train station, bus stop, or ferry drop-off. With a last-mile shuttle service, you work with a local charter bus company, like Professional Charter Service, to meet your employees and transport them to work. This saves them from the 15-minute walk that they’d otherwise have to do to make it to the workplace.

3. Pay for furthering their education

Even if you’re not a tech company, the best and brightest employees are also the ones who have an insatiable thirst for learning. If you as an employer offer opportunities for your employees to further their education and build their knowledge base, you’ll attract these bright minds. Not only that, but you’ll never have to suffer from employees who are stagnant, unwilling to change, and not interested in learning new things. Whether you offer them a subscription to or options to cover a certain amount of college tuition, your employees will love this perk.

4. Earn respect by your management style

This is not exactly an employee perk, but it’s definitely an employee delighter. With all the talk about corporate culture and how that can make a difference in your ability to attract the brightest talent, there’s something that goes even deeper. When employees work for a company that they know they can trust to make good decisions, they’re happy, loyal, and productive. When management makes a decision, do your employees know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s a competent, well-informed decision that’s also in their best interest? If your employees know this, it’s very hard to shake their confidence in the way that you’re steering the ship.

Being a competitive employer in San Francisco requires a lot of heart, moxie, and competence, but it’s possible to attract the talent you need when you put thought and effort into the employee delighters that you offer.

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