Close your eyes for a moment and try to picture this: You have to navigate just a single day in your life without modern transportation. No car, no bus charter, no train. How long would it take? Hours? An entire day? Maybe longer?

OK, open your eyes. It’s simply too terrifying to even imagine. Whether you live in a rural area or a big city like we have in Northern California, trying to get around without so much as bus transportation would be a nightmare. Thankfully, it’s not a concern nowadays, but for thousands of years throughout human history, transportation was a chore. One which inspired some of our greatest technological advancements.

To honor those pioneers — and perhaps to make us all appreciate modern technology a bit more — Professional Charter Services brings to you a brief history of transportation. Be thankful you don’t have to use many of these methods anymore and schedule your bus rental today!

Ancient Transportation

Back in the earliest days of human existence, the world was vast and infinite. Yet at the same time, our known universe had never been smaller because transportation was in its infancy. People were limited to the small area they could get to and this is the time in history we begin!

Walk This Way

Before any other mode of transportation was discovered, or created, we were stuck to doing it all ourselves. Groups of humans in the ancient world were nomadic by nature in order to survive, walking everywhere in pursuit of food, shelter and a better life. Which of us would even willingly walk across the Golden Gate Bridge?? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Float Your Boat

As we continued to expand ever outward across the landscape, people ran into water obstacles where walking and riding would do no good. So we put those developing brains to use and found a way. Yay for human ingenuity! Canoes and rafts are the oldest known water transports, dating back nearly 9,000 years ago. Egyptians invented sailboats, and later on, wooden ships for trade!

Horsin’ Around

Well, it didn’t take our ancient ancestors long to figure out it was better to have animals do the walking for them. As humans began domesticating the creatures in their environment (somewhere around 4000 to 3000 BC), distance became less of an issue and we spread out. Donkeys and horses were popular and camels were sort of like the bus charter for desert climates!

Progressive Transportation

As mankind became more technologically advanced and curious about the world around them, transportation naturally had to keep up. Every need demanded an answer and so we began to work our way up to bus transportation (OK, OK, very slowly admittedly), starting with one of our most important inventions in history!

Wheel Innovative

Archaeologists discovered the first evidence of the wheel tracing back to roughly 3500 BC and began finding them all across the old world! Obviously, not everybody had #TheWheel trending on Twitter back then, so it’s pretty cool that all these groups of people created their own version of the same transportation independently! The wheel not only made transportation easier, but quicker and allowed us to take more stuff!

Road Warriors

With the wheel unlocking tremendous transportation potential, more people than ever were now migrating around the known world and beyond. Because of this, it became apparent for infrastructure to facilitate ease and safety in travel. The Romans perfected this by using their vast wealth and technology to build roads, which spanned from Europe to Asia!

Shuttle Transportation

Romans were true innovative giants and pushed transportation forward with advanced ships that could carry lots of people (usually for war) and cargo for trade to further increase their wealth and power. Guess that’s how they dominated Earth for more than a thousand years!

Blowin’ Hot Air

The fall of the Roman Empire brought the world into an era of darkness for technology (the Middle Ages), which lasted for hundreds of years until at last technology, and transportation, blossomed again during the Renaissance. While not a functional mode of transportation, hot air balloons were invented in the 1700s and gave us our first taste of air travel!

Powered Transportation

Finally! Bus transportation as we know it is just around the corner. But first, people pushed forward into the Industrial Revolution, where machine technology really took off. Steam engine technology developed around the start of the 1800s, our first step towards automobiles!

Full Steam Ahead

The Wyatt steam engine changed the game in 1769, powering boats at great speeds in Europe. But great as they were, people were not quick to adopt steamboats for transportation. It wasn’t until the early 1800s that a New York City inventor made steam travel feasible by water, clocking in at a whopping five miles per hour!

Establishing (Loco)motive

With the expansion of America to the west, efficient means of travel across and now huge U.S. was critical. A great push was needed and trains were the way to make it happen. Rival inventors competed to make the best steam engine and so locomotives took off and unlocked the West!

On The Road Again

Yes, we’ve done it! Well, sort of. The first combustion engine was invented in 1858, but they were extremely heavy and impractical. The first real car was the 1901 Mercedes, but in America, Henry Ford and William Durant (General Motors founder) were making them accessible. The Model T by Ford could be produced quickly (relative to the time) and so cars were more affordable by the early 1900s. It would take years still for cars to become commonplace, but bus transportation gave all people the chance to ride in an automobile by the mid-20th century!

Modern Transportation

The invention of the combustion engine changed transportation forever as we continued to push them to the limit and find new ways in which they could be used. Land travel was fun and all (and we still contend bus transportation is the best!), but the sky was so tempting, so we took off!

The Plane, The Plane!

Orville and Wilbur Wright ditched bikes for aircraft in the early 1900s and beat the competition racing for the fame of first air travel by taking off officially in 1903, the world’s first airplane. Within just 15 years, air travel expanded to military uses, cargo transportation and eventually to passenger aircraft. It was expensive, and certainly dangerous at times, but looking at the world from on high was a rush worth the risk!

Fly Me To The Moon

We end with a nod to the future. Space was an obsession during the height of the Cold War as the U.S. and Soviet Union scramble to own the world beyond our own, beginning with Russian Sputnik in 1957 and the first person to touch something other than Earth with Neil Armstrong taking one giant leap for mankind via his small step onto the surface of the Moon in 1969. Perhaps one day, we’ll all be so lucky to experience space (safely!) as well.

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So maaaybe riding a horse to work every once in awhile could be a little fun, albeit in Northern California, slightly more terrifying than travelling already is here. Let’s be thankful we all have so many options at our disposal.

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